Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

So wait... someone is putting Maiden albums on the shelf, presumably for sale tomorrow right? I mean it would be weird to display it and then not sell it to the customers.

In my experience, even if the album was not on display but in the stockroom, if a punter asked the shop for the album before the release day then the shop is not going to turn down a sale.
Do you know if this concerns everyone? Preordered mine in july, no mention of any delay. Norway here

I just know what my local independent record store (in the UK) told me a couple of days ago. They were going to check with the record company to see if that was still the case.
Just heard from one of the local stores here that there’s a vinyl shortage and they won’t have it on release day. Anyone with similar stories? Seems like a lot of places are getting the vinyl.