Senjutsu - 3rd September 2021

No Dave songs. When was the last time that happened?
The X Factor, he co-wrote "Justice of the Peace" for that album though, which ended up as a B-side.

Brave New World had the most, with three Dave co-written tracks (Title track, Nomad, Thin Line).
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Some info:

Senjutsu – loosely translated as ‘tactics & strategy’.
Album cover by Mark Wilkinson.
The album cover is based on an idea by Steve.
The album running time is 82 minutes... shorter than TBOS.
Double CD album/triple vinyl album.
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Man, I have not been here for a WHILE.
Logged in to say I'm excited! I'll be very positive, even though I'm worried about the 82 minute length and the final 3 songs being 10+ minute Harris tracks. I really do love the current era of Maiden, since 2000, but you can't argue that sometimes they tend to go overboard with repetitions and the amount of songs per album.

At least we know they're not trying to break their own record with each new release.

Also, the cover art being eddie on a black background again is kind of boring. I love this iteration of Eddie itself, but I wish there was a cool background.