Sea of Madness

How good is Sea of Madness on a scale of 1-10?

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Black Thunder

Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

I never bothered for it much, the guitars are insane, but they don't have that same power like in Wasted Years.


Babo 91

Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

This song has continued to grow on me. The guitars have a very weird futurustic sound, it might be the reverb. The solo is once again perfect and the part that follows it is absoolute magic, one of the defining maiden moments for me. Lyrics are decent and i love the chorus. Steve lays down a rocking bass line and nicko is amazing once again (he shines on this album) I really love this song and its in the top half of the album for me.



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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

One of the 3 brilliant Smith tunes on the album, 10/10. Love the music and the lyrics and the mellow sound and everything.


Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

This song took a very long time to grow on me.  I know some people are crazy about this one, but for me it's always been the weakest of the three Smith tunes on the album.  That being said, they are all excellent songs, and I would still rate this an 8.  

Interesting how in the poll the vast majority have given either a 7 or a 10, by the way.  Very little in between.

The Flash

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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Good song but not great. I will give it a 7. Somewhere in Time = Adrian Smith for me but it's not the best H song on the album.
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

I love this song, it has a great chorus and a wonderful section in the middle, and the guitars really give it a weird sort of dystopiate future sound. I give it a 9.

Unknown One

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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Sea of Madness is one of those "grower" songs for me. The guitars give it a futuristc feel, and I quite like how Bruce sings it. The nstrumental section is also awesome, so going to give this a 9/10.


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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

SIT is home to three of what I consider Maiden’s most underappreciated songs. This is the first. It’s got a great heavy riff, one of the band’s most uplifting choruses and Steve and Nicko are the musical version of elite tandem fire jugglers dancing along a tightrope. The middle section is not Powerslave, but it is worthy of mention at the next level. I’ve never really understood what others thought was missing here. Nine


Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

8/10. Great little track with an awesome typical H riff. As someone else stated, it doesn't quite have the power of wasted years but I don't think it is too far off.

The Mid-Distance Runner

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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Everything that mckindog wrote + I'd like to say the solos are just as incredible as the first two tracks of the album.  The solos are so masterful it seems Adrian and Dave both grew two additional hands each for this album.



Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Easily and by far the best song on the album and always in my Top 10.



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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Sorry, but I am just not too keen on this album at all. Sea of Madness does not help the cause either - it's a good tune, but..... I think it could well be the overuse of the guitar synths on this album whereby it makes a lot of the tracks sound just too lazy and loose.

Still, I can't give this one much more that 5/10.


Automaton Sovietico
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

When i first bought Somewhere In Time, this was the only track that didn't click. The intro riff was strange, complete rhythm felt too rocky, and the instrumental section was too out of the ordinary, at least for my limited experience with Maiden back then.

Then eventually it just clicked. This song is a masterpiece, true work of art...the idea of violence in big cities, especially with futuristic theme, was poured down completely into one of finest moments of metal...the rocking heavy riffs and unstable rhythm that turns to be a perfect groove, the lyrics and the emotional interpretation of Bruce, the melodies, the synths, the bass background, three Smith solos, and the last one on the outro is really really good (and tends to be overlooked)...straight fucking ten!


Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

6/10. The song is perfectly mediocre except for the instrumental section which lifts it from a 5 to a 6. Lovely pre-solo part and solo itself. Some of the lines are sung really nice too (e.g. "My heart is heavy as I turn my back and leave") but too often the vocals don't excite me.

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Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

This song really doesn't do a lot for me, and the vocals, especially the chorus, I find somewhat annoying. I do however quite like the solo.


Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

10/10 for me, incredible song with a very Smith styled (meaning somewhat unconventional for Maiden) riff and a mid section to die for.


Ancient Mariner
Re: Daily Song: Sea of Madness

Just like with Zare this song didn't click at first. The rough riffs in the beginning and the rhythm sounded pretty wild compared to other Maiden songs. But that grew. Excellent from the beginning has always been the music and the vocals, especially after the couplets. I really love Bruce in that pre-chorus, and even more in the chorus itself when he does that beautiful harmony. Later on in the calm part he shows a more sensitive side of himself, and Arry's bass is playing an awesome figure underneath. Nicko delivers some skillful drumming, this little part is almost great melodic progrock, but without being proggy to be proggy. This is catchy, with a melodic brilliance piercing straight through the heart. When the song continues, it gets more intense again and fluently flows into the Sea of Madness again. Adrian's lead work is significant. Divine.

For years, on the old Iron Maiden newsgroup, this was my sig:

"Out in the dark there burns a dream"
Adrian Smith, 1986

Straight fucking 10 indeed!

Dr. Eddies Wingman

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This is a great song, but not the Rime of the Ancient Mariner-kind of great. With the 10's reserved for that level, this (underrated) song will get a 9.


The Angel Of The Odd
I used to love it back in '86, a lot. Even made a cassette Maiden best of compilation, titled Sea of Madness.
Eventually I liked it less, yet still love the pop elements in it.

As Lib showed me once, this song probably contains the most outstanding Nicko's play, ever