Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

How good is Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier on a scale of 1-10?

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A quite different opening track and title track.

The intro, the Satellite 15 part, is not similar to anything Maiden done before really. I dig it, and it really sets a atmosphere. On the other hand I do think is was a mistake to keep the demo and not re-record it. The intro drags a little bit and could have been a minute shorter.

The Final Frontier part is more straight forward Maiden in the same vein as the other Smith/Harris openers. It's a good track but not the best rocker the combo have written. Good things about the track is the great guitar solo, it is really good. I also dig the Music video even if I know thats have nothing to do with the songs rating. On the other hand Bruce sounds a little strained at times and it becomes quite repetitive towards the end.

All in all it was a cool move to not follow the traditional path and instead do this little experiment. I think it worked out great but it could have been even better.

5/10 and I am really generous. First 5 minutes: no sense, a really bad experiment, cheap and sloppy. The other 5 minutes are so banal that the first time i wouldn't believe that was the new Maiden song. Worst opener of the entire Iron Maiden history and also one of their worst song ever.
In many of the TFF album songs I kinda dislike the intros, but the intro to TFF (the song) is actually pretty cool. But the song doesnt take off at it should after that. Too repetitive. Meh Chorus. 6/10.
Satellite 15: I think this intro is really cool. I get why Steve wanted to use the original demo, it's a cool touch but I think some parts of it could've been touched up. But I still remember when I first heard it. First there was the almost EDM bass line, wasn't sure if I liked that, but once everything else started coming in I was totally on board. It sounded space-y and weird and totally unlike Maiden. Bruce's entrance is the drama we've come to love with Maiden turned up to 11. His delivery combined with the chaos in the guitars and drums make for a very cinematic piece. I remember the drum machine skip was a huge controversy on this very forum when the song came out, it was something I heard right away and still sticks out like a sore thumb. I kinda understand what they (Steve) were going for stylistically, but I don't think it works. 8

The Final Frontier: I'm glad they released the other half of this track before the album release, as had I not heard it before I would've been very thrilled to see Maiden were breaking the mold of opening tracks by not going back to that Wildest Dreams styled opener, only to be disappointed that this frenzy was only half of the track. What we got instead was probably the most dull and generic version of these songs. But before I get to negative, I'll list the positives. The acoustic guitar layering makes a very interesting texture, so while musically this song isn't anything special, there's at least something interesting going on sonically. The guitar frills contribute to this a bit too. The guitar solos are also excellent.

But the negatives far outweigh the positives. The repetitive criticisms this band gets are usually lazy but this is one of the few songs where the repetition ruins the song for me. It's not even the repetition of the chorus, it's the chord progression. Every section of the song is some variation on the same rhythm/chord progression. It gets seriously grating and it just blows my mind how lazy the writing on the song is, especially given the quality of most of the rest of the album. It's not like these guys were digging at the bottom of the creative well on this album.


Taking the average of the two scores: 6
One more thing, even though I think it's lame that such a dull opener follows such a cool experimental track, I think it really sums up the album in a nutshell. There are parts of the album that take Maiden to new places, but it's all based around things they've done before. They're furthering their sound using existing ideas.
One more thing, even though I think it's lame that such a dull opener follows such a cool experimental track, I think it really sums up the album in a nutshell. There are parts of the album that take Maiden to new places, but it's all based around things they've done before. They're furthering their sound using existing ideas.

I think that might be the most accurate description of this album that I've ever heard.
It's really hard to rate this McDouble, for the parts really don't fit together and the rating cannot be accurate, IMHO. I'll try, however.

The intro... seemed to me like a cool idea at the time and it's definitely quite unique, but it has low replay value for me. It's way too long and the demo-ish sound, while intentional, gets on my nerves at times. It's brave and bold, so I won't put it down that much, but better than a 5 it ain't, honestly.

The title track is good if repetitive, very classic Maiden sound (or at least it seems that way in contrast with the intro) and a catchy chorus. Good, but inessential. A somewhat weaker 7.

Together, it's somewhat plodding beginning of a beautiful album.

Overall a strong 6, I guess.

This song is a personal favourite of mine. The intro is one of their most atmospheric pieces of music and truly conveys a spatial theme to me. The second half of the song is not breaking new musical ground, but I don't think it needs to. It's catchy, fun, and I really love the lyrics on this one.
As above, simple, direct, does the trick, nice fills, feels/felt fresh, lyrics and melody that I can get instantly hooked into, opens the album well and opens the set even better. To me the intro is class. Never heard the band do anything like that before. Thats a plus for me. Obviously it isnt worth listening to after the 1st time but come on, it must have shocked/dismayed everyone here on first listen. And Id be disappointed with a new Maiden record that didnt surprise me in some way.

8/10 especially after seeing it live.
Great opener, both for album and live!

I didn't have anything against those "1,2.. a 1,2,3,4!" or "Aiii!" but I really like certain drama as an opener and this one works just perfect. But... God damn that drum machine at the end of Satellite 15. If I remember correctly, story goes that Adrian brought the demo tape he made who knows when and Steve said - that' it. They didn't even try to produce that in better quality, the thing we hear is as original as Adrian made it. But Kevin Shirley should've forbid that. It just stabs the ear, seems really unprofesional and ruins the Satellite 15.

Bass at the beggining really brings up atmosphere and when Bruce kicks in song elevates on completely another level (he also sounds amazing BTW). But then those drum machines.... FFS that just sounds awfull. The only reason why I can "digest" that is because I know the FF is coming (or when I saw it live, I knew they were behind the curtain waiting to start the show).

Final Frontier is great rock track IMO. I don't get the whole "repetitive" accusation. It's like you bash a trash movie beacuse of it's production value or over-the-top acting/story. Yes, Bruce could've restrain on 2 or 3 "Final Frontier"-s but it's just that type of song and it really works well for me. I also like the "muffled" riff which is again being used in bridge/chorus but this time with a "ring" to it. Solos are amazing, Bruce really nails it and overall it's really nicely bounded toghether. I mean, it's a straightforward rock song to me (as they've probably planned it to be) and I really enjoy the "fluidity" of it.

Both these track still have a kick in it when I listen to them, and worked absolutely marvelous live; as in pumping the atmosphere with Satellite 15, and handbanging and destroying ears of my fellow Maiden fans with the chorus of Final Frontier.

EDIT: Also, the cover for the single also kicks ass. Too bad they didn't continue with the same aproach on the whole album; that would have been interesting to see.

I like both parts of the song. The intro isn't something I'd listen to outside of the album, but it sets the mood perfectly, and the song is quite cool. Very straightforward, but with a cool riff, a strong (although far too repetitive) chorus and excellent solos.
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Satellite 15 is interesting...the first time you hear it.

Final Frontier always gets me moving. I rate this track a solid 7/10. Would be 8 if FF was on its own.
I think the demo intro is really exciting and was a perfect intro piece for the tour at the time. I absolutely love the drums, however artificial. And the haunting vocals are great. Also the FF section is simple but great fun with a brilliantly catchy chorus. What's not to like ?