Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier

How good is Satellite 15.. The Final Frontier on a scale of 1-10?

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An extra point for ambitiousness. Once S15 ends it's pretty paint by numbers, nothing too great. I'd give it a six without the intro.
Was there ever a physical release of the promo video for this one?

Edit: Never mind, it's on the En Vivo! DVD. Haha, silly me. :oops:
I actually like the pretty paint by numbers (although its more comic book than paint by numbers to me). It has the feel of old-style Maiden fun on an album that leans towards being quite serious.
I recently heard that the drums on Satellite 15 are actually done with a drum machine... Is there any official confirmation?
It was literally a tape he gave to Steve as an idea, and Steve went, "That's brilliant!" and H was like "But I thought we'd re-record it..."
Major disappointment that they didn't re-record it. The intro sounds cool as is but there are a lot of huge problems (mostly the drum loop skip) and it sounds very much like a demo at times. Lots of potential lost there.
Yeah, I agree. It almost felt like a Steve Harris-is-in-charge-fuck-you-H call.
Adrian said that they tried to play the intro themselves.It seems they went with the easy way.