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Primo Victoria
What a song to start your discography with (I’m ignoring Fist For Fight :p). All songs on this album are catchy as fuck so I’m not even gonna mention that they are catchy again. This song is nothing special technically but everything works so well on it.

Reign Of Terror
Unfair that this song has so many votes. It’s heavy as fuck, riffs are brutal and it has a crazy good chorus.

Panzer Battallion
Criminally underrated song. Rarely played live nowadays, didn’t get far in the previous Survivor when it’s easily Top 5 song in the discography. Might be their heaviest song ever and probably their best selection of riffs ever. Also, Joakim is probably a better singer now, but I kinda miss that echo that his vocals had in the early days.

Might actually be my favorite Sabaton song. After the heavy onslaught of first 3 songs, they show us that they can do slow epic stuff too. Doesn’t get any more epic than this when it comes to Sabaton, both musically and lyrically.

After the awesomeness of the first 4 songs, a weaker song had to happen. Still a pretty good song though, but the album is pretty strong and lines have to be drawn. Main problem with this song is that it keeps the same rhythm going for way too long, making it kinda monotone.

Another cool song. They play around with some odd time signatures (I think) and middle-eastern riffs and it works. Chorus is also quite epic. I also liked the Zakk Wylde worship part and the emotional calm solo section. They nailed the atmosphere completely for a song with this theme.

Into The Fire
Starts with a great riff, but is kinda formulaic. Kind of lacks the passion of previous songs.

Purple Heart
I’m not a big fan of Sabaton’s ballads, but this one is solid. As a ballad, it has most keyboards of all the songs on the album, but also a pretty heavy solo section.

Metal Machine
It’s not that bad but it just doesn’t belong on this album. It’s too happy and atrocious silly lyrics just don’t fit in. They also ripped off some other songs musically.

The March To War
Solid intro that works much better live.

Would’ve fit the album better than Metal Machine, but I think it was written and recorded much later for the Re-Armed edition of the album. Solid simple song.

Dead Soldier’s Waltz
Within Temptation/Nightwish worship outro. Pretty sure I heard that opening in both of those bands.

Overall: Best Sabaton album. Reasons: relies the least on keyboards = heaviest riffs, complex lyrics and memorable choruses and minimal cheese. Don’t think they will ever top it.

Attero Dominatus
I’m gonna forgive them for ripping off Wishmaster, because this song is really damn good. I’m also gonna forgive them for bad Latin because I had an F in high school :p Very disappointed that they dropped this one too from recent setlists. Should be played at every show IMO.

Nuclear Attack
Great song with an awesome chorus, but one of those Sabaton songs that I feel awkward about due to the way they present the lyrics. On the other hand, the Japanese shouldn’t have sided with the Nazis, so whatever I guess :p

Rise Of Evil
I feel like this song is too forced at times. The beginning and some other sections of the song are clearly ripping off Headless Cross and Heaven & Hell. Still, if I ignore that, it’s a solid song. It’s a bit overlong in parts and the ending is drawn out but Joakim’s energy and tension in riffs save it.

In The Name Of God
One of my favorite Sabaton choruses. Actually one of their first songs I truly liked and this chorus was probably the reason.

We Burn
I actually had no idea the lyrics were about Karadžić before I started writing this. Obviously the guy was (*is, I was convinced he died o_O) a monster, however, I gotta respect his hiding game. Grew a huge beard and moustache and hair and hid in plain sight for years. Was even on TV under a fake name pretending to be a healer, while he was one of the most sought after war criminals in Balkan. Anyway, it’s an average song. Too similar to Into The Fire or some other Sabaton song and ends kind of abruptly; sounds unfinished.

Angels Calling
Two Serbia related songs in a row, kind of wish it was about some better subject though :p Cool song though. One of the rare songs on these 2 albums that have better instrumental parts than the chorus.

Back In Control
By the book power metal song. Kind of reminds me of Into The Fire in that there’s nothing wrong with it but it's formulaic.

Light In The Black
Now this is an awesome song. Great emotional song with awesome riffs and a memorable performance by Joakim.

Metal Crüe
Better than Metal Machine, still shouldn’t be on the album. Great chorus though.

Basically Purple Heart with different lyrics and weaker vocals.

Overall: Solid follow-up to Primo Victoria but not as good. Still pretty awesome in its own right and only later topped by The Art Of War.

Voting for the songs in bold btw.

Didn’t feel like writing too much because I couldn’t possibly top Knick’s analysis :D
He talks of burying the enemy six feet below and you believe every syllable because of the way he drags out the word as “bee-your-ee”.
pronounced identically to the term “bury” in the previous song – another subtle artistic choice that only the keenest of fans will discover
and the fire that burns inside a soldier as he prepares to burn other soldiers
there are better Sabaton songs that celebrate mass murder
and the Vulcans from Star Trek
My favorite parts :D Please do these reviews for each album :p

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Eliminated after Round 1:
The March To War - 11 votes
Shotgun - 11 votes
Dead Soldier's Waltz - 11 votes
Nightchild - 11 votes
Metal Crüe - 8 votes

Detective Beauregard

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Might actually be my favorite Sabaton song. After the heavy onslaught of first 3 songs, they show us that they can do slow epic stuff too. Doesn’t get any more epic than this when it comes to Sabaton, both musically and lyrically.


Why in the seven fucks does Reign of Terror have the most votes out of all the regular PV tracks?

Maybe because it's bookended by two of the three best tracks on the album? I honestly don't think Reign of Terror is anything special, but I'm biased because I've never been a fan of thrash.

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Thanks for the bump :p

So far, Stalingrad has been the discovery of the Survivor for me. Not that I ever disliked it, but now it's really rising up in my ratings.


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Attero Dominatus has the best song of the two albums (the title track) but is much less consistent as an album. Lots of meh songs in the middle.

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Eliminated after Round 2:
We Burn - 9 votes
Metal Machine - 7 votes
Counterstrike - 6 votes
Purple Heart - 6 votes
In The Name Of God - 6 votes