Rush Survivor Finished: Red Barchetta wins!

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Put The Big Money twice on accident...sorry about that.

Analog Kid
Middletown Dreams
Time Stand Still
High Water
The Manhattan Project - 2 votes
Time Stand Still - 3 votes
High Water - 2 votes

Middletown Dreams and Turn the Page are promoted to the quarter finals, The Manhattan Project and Force Ten are promoted to the semi finals.

Presto has joined the battle!
The first of what is probably my least favorite 4 album run of the Rush cannon. With 3 OK albums and 1 pretty good album (Counterparts). Presto would probably be my 2nd favorite of this group.

War Paint
Red Tide
Presto is better than the two that came before.
In fact I'd say that is the case for Available Light alone.
Available Light is an excellent song, and definitely beats everything on Hold Your Fire. Probably their last really great album closer until The Garden off of Clockwork Angels. I'd still take Power Windows over Presto though.
I love Available Light but I find Chain Lightning very strong as well. By far my two favs from Presto.
Middletown Dreams and Turn the Page are promoted to the quarter finals, The Manhattan Project and Force Ten are promoted to the semi finals.
Yes!! I rather had Middletown in the semis but I am glad this one and Force Ten survived. I will join this game when the semis come (perhaps earlier)!
I don't think there is an out-and-out bad song on Presto, but Available Light is the only great one.
The Pass is my number two at the moment.
The Pass would probably also be my #2. I think Red Tide is pretty weak, but besides that it is consistent, just nothing too great. Except Available Light.

I'm surprised at the votes for War Paint being unanimous. I expected it to be a song that a lot of people liked. In other words, I could hear its good merits but I still didn't like it much.
I had a really busy weekend, this will be updated tomorrow afternoon.
War Paint - 2 votes
Superconductor - 3 votes
Red Tide - 2 votes

Sorry about this, school has started up again so the next few weeks may be inconsistent. I will try and get this moving steadily again ASAP.
Chain Lightning - 2 votes
Scars - 3 votes
Anagram - 3 votes
Hand Over Fist - 2 votes
I wasn't participating in this Survivor but seeing the lack of interest, I felt I had to participate. It's a band that I like after all.

The Analog Kid
Show Don't Tell
Welcome aboard Flash.
I am surprised by the lack of interest in this.
Rush has always been popular on the board — just must be the current mix.
Yea. Also has to do with people who don't venture to this side of the forum.

Also, I think there was a bit of a prog phase going on here last time there was a Rush survivor. I remember someone complaining about most content being about Dream Theater. I think that craze has worn off.