Running Free vs Sanctuary

Which song is better - Running Free or Sanctuary ?

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Out of the Silent Planet
The first two classic singles that were almost every time concert closers back in the 80's...

So, which one do you prefer ? I have always thought about this question, but I think I will go for Sanctuary, because it has a solo/solos. :blush:

Running Free - iconic drum intro, tremendous bass line, super chorus, fantastic tempo and rhythm and the song is a real experience and fun live. When the crowd sings the chorus live as loud as they can... maaan, indescribable !

Sanctuary - great rocker with fantastic solos and again, great tempo and riff. Live is even more great with the participation from the crowd !
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Ancient Marinade
Are both songs lyrically by Paul Di'Anno? He writes songs about being on the run from the law a lot. Also the line "I never killed a woman before but I know how it feels" will never not be hilarious to me.


Ancient Mariner
I'd probably like both more if I didn't think they were both wildly overplayed. Running Free probably edges it because I like the Donington version.


Blacker than the night
I prefer Sanctuary, but with Di'Anno's voice Running Free was clearly superior.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Voted for "Sanctuary" simply because it's getting trampled down here, but honestly, I rank both songs more or less equally, so it could go either way.


Ancient Mariner
I don't really listen those two that much, but I prefer Running Free from the two. It's a bit more enjoyable and effective as "crowd particupation song." Sanctuary is not a bad song and I like it's rawness, but in the end, they have immense amounts of more exciting stuff, and as said, as a pure live song and show closer, Running Free works better for me.

John Silver

Electric Buddy
With Paul both songs are enjoyable. Running Free is my pick because its so awesome.
With Bruce both songs are more or less annoying - I can live with the LAD version of Running Free, but some other officially released versions of that song are not very good. Sanctuary has been poor with Bruce since 81.

Vantage Point

Educated Fool
Sanctuary for me, think it is a pretty decent song, though not one I listen to that often, favourite version is the live one from 1985.

Have never liked Running Free, a definite skip from me whenever it comes on.


Educated Fool
Not a big fan of either, but Running free is a fun, cool vintage Maiden song that works well live.