Reworked commentaries about Seventh Son

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Well, Mavz, fine work, but I have the feeling that you've lost the balance on most of them. As you say you're an atheist and liberalist, you took too much care on the so called "satanic" influences of the lyrics. There are influences from Crowly and so on, but you seemed to only look at those, forgotting that altough the lyrics are often critical against christianity, they still have a lot of influences from there. Also, Maiden ain't satanists. Don't forget that for example Nicko is christian, and on many of Steve's and Bruce's songs you can feel that they beleive in some kind of God, even if they have s critical approach against chritianity in some songs. (Blaze also beleives in God, altough he doesn't have to do anything with the Seventh Son album.) Please not to forgot that the album is about the good-old Good vs Evil theme. I found it to be very dissapointing to have pics showing naked women with reversed cross on her neck on one of my favourite Maiden site. If you say you're an atheist, please don't use satanic symbols, even if you think that "real satanists even don't beleive in Satan", becos this can be very offensive. I can understand what you wanted to tell us, but I really think you've lost balance.
Hope you don't take this personally.


God bless ya & Up the fuckin' Irons!
No personal offense taken. This forum is here for everyone to air their opinions and I see no problem with people who have a different view to mine.

The commentary on Seventh Son is what I think the songs are about. If the writers of the songs disagree, I'd be delighted to hear from them. In the meantime, I simply tried to get as close as possible to what I suppose the meaning might be.

Giger's Baphomet seemed to me quite appropriate on this page, as the Devil seems to be doing a lot of talking throughout the story and, without having really won, Evil has apparently made the most of it. Besides, I really like Giger's artwork (Paul Di'Anno does too, although he has nothing to do with this album) and I felt that a Baphomet was relevant on this particular page. After all, I also placed Hugo's painting of a hanged man on the 'Hallowed...' commentary; does that make me in favour of the death penalty? (I think not!)

It is not my intention to shock anybody (although if it brings constructive though, I don't mind). I merely try to explain what's been going on in those songs and to give an overall feel of the album.
Well, if you think and feel that Seventh Son is about Crowley influences and naked women with reversed cross... I don't know. To me, this album means other things. Maybe just we're too different.
Anyway, it would be good to have interview excerts about the songs just like on the other album commentaries. That would make more sense than always searching for infuences.