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Good screams from Di'Anno. The arrangement is reminiscent of Sabbath with its slow riffs and it's linked in my mind with 'Children of the Damned' for that reason.


9/10. Great performance by Di'Anno, maybe his best with Maiden, excellent guitar work, and a haunting atmosphere.


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I gave this another listen the other day and can't believe it hasn't had more plays...fantastic haunting atmosphere, good lyrics, and a great Di'Anno performance.


Check the Declination!

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There's something really cool about how the second time around the word fire is left off the end of the lyric I shall return from out of the.........


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I have always liked this song, but it just doesn't seem to fit Maiden's sound. I have heard covers by other artists (Anthrax, Metallica, and Opeth) and I like all of them better. As a Maiden song, I give it a 6.
Beautiful melodies, lyrics filled with amazing imagery, and a monster of a riff, this song pretty much has it all. Not as much of a masterpiece as something like Phantom, but fantastic in it's own right. 9/10
I like this song a lot and it slows things down from the first two songs. This seems like a song that is more in line with later IM songs than the prior two songs were that started this album. Great belting howls throughout. Another great guitar solo (this is going to be a theme with this band :)).



Like 22 The Avenue just said, a nice break from the two first songs. Shows a more mature side of Maiden then the first two songs.
The song itself is better then it is presented here, as it feels thin and shaky in the studio version. But the Early Days tour version givs me shivers!
But i have to be a little bit boring here and give it a:



Pirate of the Undergorund
The quiet parts are very nice with the eerie harmonics. The riff used as a chorus is great and very memorable.
Solo section is classic Maiden. I like this song a lot, but there are much better versions. This one plods a bit much.
I much prefer any of the live versions with Bruce, but the song still gets an 8/10.


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Pretty much the first chronological semi-epic that the band did, and a good one to start with. The lyrics are thought-provoking, and I'm often a sucker for quiet-loud, quiet-loud as it makes those loud parts hold some more weight.

Though, I think it was Knickerbocker that said it, and I'd be inclined to agree with him: Pretty much all the covers of this song are better. Opeth, Metallica and Anthrax all have great covers of this song, and add more meat to the song with crisper production.

Still, it's a song I always find myself coming back to from this album, and a big milestone for the band.


RTC's Maiden Ranking:
1: Remember Tomorrow
2: Sanctuary
3: Prowler


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This song...I feel it's something I come back to without even knowing why. And that perplexes me because this is a song that I really like.

First off, I like the singing. Those calm vocals are some of my favourite by Paul. The other vocals aren't as good but they're nice nonetheless.

I love the instrumentation. A calm part leading into a heavy part, leading back into the calm part. And then back again. It almost feels like this song was a precursor to Fade To Black by Metallica. I would say that song is better in some ways but this one kicks Fade To Black out of the park when it comes to the speedy-solo section. I love that part and how much energy it has. That part is always something I've enjoyed.

But still...there's something that I feel is missing. I still don't know what it is. I'll stick with a 8/10, though when I find out what's missing, the rating will probably change.


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Remember Tomorrow is a weird song that alternates between quiet ballad sections (where original singer Paul Di’Anno sounds great) and a heavy, plodding instrumental chorus that doesn’t really sound like Maiden until the stellar bridge. The original is interesting and slightly psychedelic, but Metallica, Opeth, and Anthrax have all recorded superior cover versions.
This is a really nice, and unexpectedly slow, choice as a follow up to prowler. And it works! I always feel like the bass is "stumbling" a bit when hitting the same notes during the intro (and whenever that part returns) and I like it a lot, the obvious choice for me would have been to add different notes instead and it would have become a lot less interesting for it. The lyrics are one of the best from the Di Anno era to my ears and the whole song flows really nice, the only part I tend to grow a bit tired of is the chorus but it's not bad, just a tad uninteresting compared to the rest of the song. A seven.


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I promised myself I'd be pretty stingy with 10s. I'm saying this now because last time I ranked I gave this song a 10.

Kinda love the intro, like a lot. Goddamn that Steve Harris and his slow, predictable, uncomplex introductions, though. This is easily the track in which Paul has the best sound. I wish they had revisited when Blaze was in the band - man, that would have kicked ass.

I adore the slow ramp. So many ideas have been bandied around for what the song is about. I still go towards the bomber crew interpretation, though, and I'll stick with that forever. Out in the madness, the all seeing eye...flickers above us to light up the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I'm not going to give it a 10, but only because the middle part seems like a more average attempt at a Maiden gallop, a formula that wouldn't be perfected for some time. Let's go with 9/10, though, for this early classic.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
  • A composition full of nice climaxes, a very touching arppegiated pattern behind the verses and a rocking heavy riff after them.
  • Easily Paul Di'Anno's best performance on the album.
  • Solo section unfortunately drags the song down. The parts leading up to it are great, the riff between the solos is fantastic but the solos and the backing track themselves are nothing special.
  • One of the few bright moments on the album lyrically.