Rate all official Maiden live albums worst to best

Christopher Baines

Educated Fool
Worst to best:
A Real Dead One
A Real Live One
Live at donington (with all the above 3 i much prefer bootlegs from this tour. The mix is so bad on them. The guitars sound like midis)
Nights of the Dead (not bad but there just better versions of most of the songs on here on different live albums although i love this version of SOTC)
Book of Souls Live Chapter (only really listen to this for the BOS songs. Crowd and keyboard volumne are ridiculous at times
Rock in Rio ( great gig and set but Adrians guitar drops in out and can be very muddy at times)
Death on the Road (prefer the album than the blink and you'll miss it DVD)
Flight 666 (great set and sound. Prefer one whole gig)
Maiden England (great tour and set, just sometimes Bruce voice sounds strained)
En Vivo (Excellant all around. Love the set and band on fire. Film is amazing too)
Beast Over Hammersmith (just great all round. Band sound fantastic and awesome set)
Live After Death (ok Bruce not at his best but just so iconic and still always a pleasure to listen too no matter how many times youve heard it)

Christopher Baines

Educated Fool
Ooh ill have to check my bootleg database for my rankings however the radio broadcast of Live at Donington is out there. Much better than the official release however it is a little rough around the edges. The rest ill get back to you on


Ancient Mariner
It sounds more like an issue with recording the crowd, like they haven't got a clear recording of the crowd

It would not be the first live album that has sourced audience sound from somewhere else.

At the end of the day someone made the executive decision to release that recording with the audience sounding like shite.