Rant Thread


Ancient Mariner
Are you sure the drilling and hammering sounds are related to the renovation? Perhaps the fighting got way too serious...


Educated Fool
Well, now that you mentioned it, no sounds of the woman wailing anymore. Just the hammering...

What can they be doing, other than floor, kitchen cabinets or assembling furniture??? The floor isn't that big, have they bought a massive storage system or what? Also, the rules of this building clearly state renovation is forbidden after 7 PM and Sundays, which is pretty much the only time they do it. Sometimes they also pull all-nighters, and I can hear clinking and clanking whenever I wake up at night.


Educated Fool
I believe there was already a complaint made, but it didn't change anything. If I'm completely serious, the noise isn't continuous and doesn't bother me that much. It's just irritating, and I can't understand how someone can spend such a long time renovating a one-room flat. :)

Night Prowler

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Least favorite neighbour's renovation noises:
1. Drilling
2. Hammering
3. Fighting.

The renovation's been happening on and off for 1,5 years now. I understand you have a day job, but kindly finish it quickly or leave it! How can it possibly take so long to do a tiny apartment, do you keep doing and redoing it or what?!!

Driiiiill, liiiiive toooo hammer
Hammer to liiiive
Fight or diiiieee
Woooon't you drill?
Live to driiill
Drill to liiiive
Neighbours hiiiIIIIIiiiiiigh