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Flick The Switch - AC/DC
Format: CD/Digital

The year is 1983, and AC/DC is looking to follow up their For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) album, continuing to ride on the waves of Back In Black and the previous album this time the band looks to go for a more raw sound like their earlier work. We will see if this was the case. Rising Power does sound more raw right from the start, a slower-mid tempo track, Brain sounds like he normally does with those phenomenal AC/DC backing vocals. I think the band is trying to recreate their latest album openers in Hells Bells and For Those About To Rock which where slower tracks with a killer energy. That formula isn't selling for this track, a nice solo featuring a rather low lead guitar mix with more focus on Malcolm than Angus throughout it. This House Is On Fire, has a bit more energy to it but this track is starting to looks like it will also be one that doesn't quite hit the mark. The chorus feels like the Kiss song Heaven's On Fire or at least it reminds me of it. Brian sounds okay throughout not his most stellar performance, I've always prefered Bon Scott to him anyways so that doesn't surprise me too much. Flick The Switch's title track is up next, and it has the most energy thus far on the album, the main riff has that AC/DC charm to it, and thus far it is easily the strongest and most catchy of the tracks, higher energy and honestly something I'm surprised hasn't been played live in years. Nervous Shakedown is the longest track of the album, it slows down a little bit, the chorus is call and answer in one sense of the saying. Another of the albums better tracks, I'm glad the band has gotten warmed up by this point. Good groove with a nice more raw sounding set of riffs from the Young Brothers. Landslide comes up next, has some quick riffing right at the start. It is a step down in quality of the track as a whole, the energy is there but it just doesn't click as strongly as the last two. More on par with Rising Power.

Guns For Hire kicks off the second half of the album with a bit of an extended solo from Angus the track has a bit of that AC/DC charm to it, not really a stellar track but there is a lot of charm to this track and it works. Brian has been wailing throughout this whole track, his vocal chords are definetly putting in some serious work on the album. Deep In The Hole slows down and with it drops the quality. Bedlam In Belgium is up next, it begins slow but picks up quickly, it is a pretty solid track throughout. Nice energy to it but not amazing as a track. Badlands has a very familliar opening riff, and I'm pretty sure this riff has been used on another AC/DC album or maybe it was Zeppelin regardless it is incredibly familliar and I haven't heard Badlands before. It is a pretty fun track. Brainsnake is an odd name but the track kicks off pretty decently. Driving and catchy a nice closer.

Rising Power - 3.5/5
This House Is On Fire - 3/5
Flick The Switch - 4.5/5
Nervous Shakedown - 4/5
Landslide - 3.5/5
Guns For Hire - 4/5
Deep In The Hole - 3/5
Bedlam In Belgium - 3.5/5
Badlands - 4/5
Brainsnake - 4/5

Adjusted 74%
Overall 74%
3 Stars

Probably the first album of this /5 system to look a lot worse when comparred to other albums I've done in the out of 10 system