How good is Rainmaker on a scale of 1-10?

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Hot damn this song cooks. Best short song of the reunion? Probably, either this or The Alchemist. 9/10.


Must say I feel this is a bit overrated on here. It's nicely paced with quite a nice and unusual melody line but really doesn't excite enough for a shortish rocker.



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Rainmaker is short and upbeat, but it is light years better than the opening track. The opening riff sounds like raindrops (according to the Dickinson), an apt description for a lot of Dave Murray’s smooth-toned riffs. The guitars are on fire throughout Rainmaker and Dickinson’s melodies are quite catchy. Davey’s solo and constant bluesy fills make this song something special. Too bad it didn't have a long shelf live at gigs.



Adore the guitar work - the intro riff, Murray's licks, the fantastic solo and the key changed interlude after it - all amazing. The vocal lines are however not as good which drags it down to a weak 8.

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On the one hand, this song is a bit overrated. On the other hand, it's a great song. Love the chorus, enjoyable overall, 8/10 for me.


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A step up from Wildest Dreams. Dave shines on this track. A great intro, brilliant solo and lots of lovely licks throughout the song.


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"Rainmaker" is one of the best songs on the album. Very memorable riff and an overall strong instrumental, with great lyrics to go along with it. Would've been a better choice for a lead single than "Wildest Dreams", even though I also like the latter's choice. A very strong 9.


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A strong lead breaks into a very catchy verse and chorus 1. Chorus 2 is appealing, but has some vocal phrasing problems.

Another round of chorus 1 and 2 and then we get a pretty rip-roaring solo from Dave, followed by a nice harmonized section before folding back into chorus 2 and chorus 1 and ending on a nice intro reprise.

Lots to like here, including the odd structure. The mild weaknesses of chorus 2 hold this back to an 8/10.


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This song having only one verse is imo one of the biggest tragedies in history of Maiden. But still 10/10


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I love that song, top 3 Maiden song for me. An instant classic ! The riffs are unmistakable Dave, the chorus is gold, but the pre-chorus is even better. A greatest hits song for the band, probably one of the best singles since the 80's, if we exclude TWM. A song full of melodies and the solo from Dave is :notworthy:. But sadly, the song has been played only on one tour. :( More short classic tracks like Rainmaker is what Maiden needs again. Eternal classic !!!


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This is a pretty strong song that just so happens to be not as good as several other strong songs. It's always enjoyable but retreads itself a bit too much for my taste. Still, like I said, it's pretty strong. 7