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Welcome all to the discussion thread for the one and only Queensryche! For those who aren't aware of what's been going on this this band for the past few years or so, let me fill you in a bit. Geoff Tate is no longer their lead singer because the band fired him back in April of 2012 for quite a few different reasons which can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Queensrÿche_split#Firing_of_Tate.27s_family They now have a new singer named Todd La Torre and released a brand new self titled album in June of 2012. Geoff Tate also formed his own version of Queensryche with completely different members. Some time last year, Tate attempted to file a lawsuit to get the Queensryche name exclusively to himself. After quite a few months, the 2 versions of Queensryche reached a settlement over the band's name and the results of that are as follows:
QUEENSRŸCHE recently reached a settlement in their dispute over the ownership of the QUEENSRŸCHE name and brand. Century Media has announced that Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton have successfully agreed to purchase Geoff Tate's portion of the QUEENSRŸCHE name. The band will buy out their former lead singer's share of the QUEENSRŸCHE corporation while allowing him the ability to be the only one to perform "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety. He will no longer have use of the TriRyche logo or any other album images aside from the "Mindcrime" releases. He can only refer to himself as the "original lead singer of QUEENSRŸCHE" or "formerly of QUEENSRŸCHE" for a period of two years and that text must be at least 50 percent smaller than his name in all materials. After this two-year period passes, he can only refer to himself as Geoff Tate with no mention of QUEENSRŸCHE at all.

Geoff Tate will be able to finish any confirmed dates billed for his QUEENSRŸCHE lineup scheduled to terminate on August 31, 2014. As of September 1, there will be only one QUEENSRŸCHE entity and that will consist of Eddie Jackson, Todd La Torre, Parker Lundgren, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton. This lineup will continue to perform selections from their entire musical catalog, including songs from "Operation: Mindcrime". The band will be able to use all TriRyche logos and previous album artwork for any purposes as needed by the corporation.


Todd La Torre- Vocals
Michael Wilton - Guitars
Parker Lundgren - Guitars
Eddie Jackson - Bass
Scott Rockenfield - Drums
Quite a bit is going on with the new album. Here is pretty much what we know so far.

Album title: Condition Human

Release date: October 2nd

Producer: Chris “Zeuss” Harris

Track listing:
Song lengths have been revealed.

From: http://www.anybodylistening.net/breakdownroom/index.php?topic=5387.0

Arrow of Time -- 4:38
Guardian -- 4:25
Hellfire -- 5:35
Toxic Remedy -- 4:39
Selfish Lives -- 4:58
Eye9 -- 3:21
Bulletproof -- 4:31
Hourglass -- 5:21
Just Us -- 5:58
All There Was -- 3:44
The Aftermath -- 0:58 (thinking this is an instrumental!)
Condition Human -- 7:46

Audio and video:
New song, Arrow Of Time is available for streaming: https://soundcloud.com/centurymedia/queensryche-arrow-of-time/s-3aMP6

New song, The Guardian:

Here is Hellfire:

Cover art:

Other information and articles talking about the album:



Over an hour's worth of music has been recorded: http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/queensryche-has-recorded-well-over-an-hours-worth-of-music-for-next-album/

Full album review:

From: http://www.fullthrottlerock.net/apps/blog/show/43470540-album-review-queensryche-condition-human
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and metalheads of all ages: Queensrÿche are back! But not just in the sense of their new album Condition Hüman; no this return goes much deeper than that. This for all intents and purposes is a resurrection of what used to be a mighty force in the world of heavy metal long ago, and a true return to form and what they once stood for: uncompromising musical excellence. The turmoil that has engulfed this band over the past several years has been well documented but now that the messy break up and legal entanglements with original singer Geoff Tate are done and dusted you get the sense that the band is refreshed, enthusiastic about the future and alive again.

A great weight has been lifted from their collective shoulders and it shows in the quality of work on Condition Hüman. Right from the word go you can tell this is going to be a different Queensrÿche experience from some of the media/fan criticised efforts served up of late. From the opening few bars of the first single Arrow Of Time, there is a strong feeling that the band have rediscovered the “Queensrÿche” formula and returned to a style more in tune with albums such as Empire and Hear In The Now Frontier. Put simply, from start to finish this sounds like a Queensrÿche album should.

I don’t know how much time needs to pass before a song can be legitimately classified as a “classic” but I am more than happy to label Guardian in that category. This is the type of song which the band built their reputation on, and I can see this becoming a crowd favourite in a live setting. Other cuts that are sure to warm the hearts of die-hard fans include Hellfire, Selfish Lives, Hourglass and the brilliant seven and a half minute finale of the title track.

A hallmark of the band’s music is the ability to intertwine acoustic guitars with heavy riffs and change the dynamic of the song in the space of a five minute time frame. On Condition Hüman they visit this approach with outstanding results on the haunting Bulletproof  and  Just Us. The band are no strangers to exploring social and political commentary, relationships, revolution, lucid dreaming and the human condition. Once again Queensrÿche venture down these reliable and familiar roads of inspiration.

This is vocalist Todd La Torre’s second outing with the band and it is clear he has settled in well with the group and is more than capable of filling the void left by Tate’s departure. His vocal approach feels natural and a perfect fit. Guitarist Michael Wilton appears to have rediscovered his spark, his performance on this record is nothing short of breathtaking as he cranks out many melodic, but heavy, riffs and amazing solos. Wilton is adequately supported by guitarist Parker Lundgren, while the driving force of the band without doubt is the combination of bassist Eddie Jackson and drummer Scott Rockenfield who tackle this record like a battering ram.

While I have enjoyed their previous releases, Queensrÿche, Dedicated To Chaos and American Soldier, it has been a long time since the excitement of a Queensrÿche record has stirred something within. I am so pleased the band have found their way again and regained their place as a heavy metal giant. There is no doubt in my mind that Condition Hüman will become a special moment in the band’s legacy.
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They sound a lot alike. Lets hope he doesn't have a similar psyche to Geoff Tate. >.>


The years just pass like trains
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He kind of has a touch of modern Geoff in his voice too. In a good way.

Wästed The Great

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I'll have to listen to this. I've always felt that they just weren't the same when Chris DeGarmo left...with out him, I still think they are just another band. But I'll give it a shot.


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The rhythm section rocks, Wilton is a solid metal guitarist and Tate was the face and the talent.
But Degarmo was the soul of the band. No vision without him.
Surprised they held it together this long.

I will check this out. I like the guys voice and I expect a return to a metal sound.
But I doubt it will be anything special.
It always comes back to the songs.


Living for Sanctuary from the law
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Tate's solo act coming my way soon. I don't think I'll be wasting my money.

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RISING WEST, the new band featuring Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson, Scott Rockenfield and Parker Lundgren of QUEENSRŸCHE, along with powerhouse vocalist Todd La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY, made its live debut last night (Friday, June 8) at the Hard Rock Café in Seattle, Washington. The band performed rare and classic hits from the first five QUEENSRŸCHE albums — from the 1983 EP through 1990's "Empire" — as well as a cover version of the IRON MAIDEN staple "Wrathchild".

RISING WEST's setlist was as follows:

01. Queen Of The Reich
02. Speak
03. Walk In The Shadows
04. En Force
05. Child Of Fire
06. The Whisper
07. Warning
08. The Needle Lies
09. Take Hold Of The Flame
10. Prophecy
11. My Empty Room
12. Eyes Of A Stranger


13. Wrathchild (IRON MAIDEN cover)
14. Roads To Madness
Source: http://legacy.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=175195
That would have been so amazing to see! Wish I could have been there!

Night Prowler

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Last concert with Geoff Tate EVER. Check out the dramatic exit near the end of the last song (Eyes Of A Stranger) :p


Insect of Terror
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It comes as such a relief. I feel like we've been watching a band not only die slowly and horribly but then have their corpse be pissed on.
It seems I'm the only one really disappointed. I'd like to see them work it out, get back Chris DeGarmo, and try to make a brilliant record for once. This may seem messed up, but Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo were the only people I cared about in the band. I always saw Queensryche as Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo. When DeGarmo left, half the band was missing. And now, I just can't see the band as Queensryche anymore.

It's a bit like Velvet Revolver. It has most of the members of the band, but it doesn't have the two main songwriters, the two people who personified the band.

I'll still give the band a fair shake like how I gave Velvet Revolver a fair shake, but I can't see them as the same band whether what I'm saying is logical or not.

I get that Geoff was being a total pain in the ass (didn't he wield a knife at them or some shit? and among other things?), but regardless, I would've liked to see them just push forward, try a different direction, try to work stuff out with DeGarmo, etc. I also get that Geoff's voice has massively deteriorated and Todd's in better shape vocally. But I don't know. It just feels wrong to me to have Queensryche without Geoff or DeGarmo. In my mind, the band is totally different now. Whether it's for better or for worse, I don't know yet, but Queensryche is now dead to me. I'd rather just call them Rising West even if is a dumb name. :smartarse:


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Well first of all, Geoff sounded awful in that video. Worse than I expected. I truly didn't expect him to be bad, decent at least. Makes me even happier to see them get a new singer.

I will definitely try and see Queensryche next time they are in town, this lineup combined with songs from the classic albums sounds like a great show. I'm interested to hear a new album. It's great that Tate isn't there, the bad influences that caused train wrecks like Dedicated to Chaos and Mindcrime II should be gone now. But there is still no De Garmo, so I'm not completely sold on this band making good music again. But hopefully with the early albums being the influence, it will work.

Geoff was great in his prime, one of the best in the metal scene. But now he is a joke. His voice sucks, his stage presence is awful, he looks like a fool, and cares more about his wine than putting out music. He doesn't belong in Queensryche anymore, and any way you slice it, getting rid of him was a step in the right direction.


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There's only one way we can determine if this is a good direction for Queensryche or not: wait for the next album and tour.