QUEEN SURVIVOR: Results - Innuendo wins!

Are you satisfied with the results?

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Ancient Mariner
I prefer Innuendo over Bohemian Rhapsody (these days at least) and I missed the last few rounds (or at least the final). Glad it still won!

Thanks for hosting Mosh.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
I've been watching this silently and voting for the Top 10. Innuendo is the winner? The fuck? That song's just... meh.

Though I was already pissed with I Want It All being kinda low... I like that song. So I voted 'no', not satisfied with these results and I demand a recount! :D


Work Geordie
Staff member
I prefer Innuendo of the two, but would have much preferred I Want It All or Show Must Go On. Maybe I should have got my arse in gear and actually taken part earlier.


Barbed Wire Hen
A (pleasant) surprise, I would definitely have voted for Innuendo over BR too, but haven't been around lately
Anyway, pretty good top 9 :D and thanks for hosting!
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