How good is Purgatory on a scale of 1-10?

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Ancient Mariner
I disagree, but I think I understand your point (to some extent). Killers is my second least favorite Maiden album, so I can agree (for the most part) about the album as a whole. However, I don't see how it can be more repetitive than Virtual XI (my least favorite Maiden album). Also, I get your point about the production, I understand why you think like that, but I definitely prefer the production on this one than on the debut. As for "The Angel and the Gambler" being unjustly criticized, I don't think it is. I love the song, but I can totally understand where the hate comes from. There are lots of other Maiden songs (say, "The Apparition") on which the hate makes no sense at all, not to mention that it is more repetitive than "Purgatory". The lyrics might not be the best, but they suit the band's direction at the time (it goes with most of the lyrics on the rest of the album and on the debut), and IMO the music is spectacular and on par with most of their future output.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
My previous post explains my opinion quite well. This monstrosity is still the worst thing Maiden ever put on an album. 2/10.

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Heh, it's rising. Terrible lyrics, meh vocals, and laughable falsettos hold this song back a ton. But I've found at least for other Maiden songs that are worse, so it's taking one step up on the ladder. 2

John Silver

Electric Buddy
One of Maiden's best fast songs, this is proto speed metal to the pedal. Bruce could never assimilate DiAnno on this one live, hence it was dropped. A radiant tenner/10


This is actually my favourite Maiden song of all time. I think it's a forgotten absolute classic, should be up there with 'The Trooper' and 'Run to the Hills'. This was always the standout to me when I first started to listen to 'Killers'. 11/10

Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
I have no idea what shoe shakin is about, nor do I know what forum disasters are being referenced but I'm pretty sure this is what anybody is refering to when they reference David Dunn...


Looking at some other opinions, I find it somewhat strange that people consider it repetitive and simple. Really? It goes through three completely different sections, not including the solo and intro riff twice in just over three minutes. I think the song is actually quite jam-packed for what it is.

I'd like to hear the reactions to something like Onslaught's 'Power From Hell' if 'Purgatory' is considered too simplistic.
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Barbed Wire Hen
You will find many cases of "one guy's favourite song is another guy's least favourite" on this forum, but everyone's trying to be real civil about it, so it works out

As for me, i LOVE Purgatory, it's ferocious and unrelenting from beginning to end, just a small capsule of concentrated energy :wub:

Lyrics are not the best I know, but still the song rocks


Years Wasted
'Floating' has almost the same lyrics of 'Purgatory' but the music is a LOT different. It has a very groovy kind of funky guitar as a musical base and the tempo is much slower.

'Floating' was played on the Early UK Concerts 1977 & 1978 (9).

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Out of the Silent Planet
One of the fastest songs from Maiden. Incredible drumming. The verses are very good and the chorus is great. The twin-lead guitar harmony in the middle is a highlight for sure. The end is great with the scream. Maybe one solo is missing (it has a short one from Dave before the middle part though). Great song - one of the best in the album. Short rocker full of energy. 9/10


Educated Fool
The word "purgatory" comes from the Latin verb "purgare" which
means "purify".
According to the Catholic Church, Purgatory is called a state or
a place in which some souls are temporarily punished before entering
Paradise, because they had not had time to be punished alive for sins
for which they repented.


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Ancient Mariner

This song is a blast, absolutely relentless. It lacks the cohesion of the bands best, but I can't say no to this kind of energy.


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Purgatory was my first encounter with Di’Anno Maiden and holds a special place for that reason. This is a great slab of NWOBHM. Awesome twin guitar harmonies, really tight rhythm section, Di’Anno gives it his all. Songs like these probably led to Metallica a few years later, but Maiden also did this sort of thing better than most of their peers. Mostly because the playing is so tight, the band really knew what they were doing back then. Once again, the guitar harmonies and leads are the standout. I also enjoy the paranormal lyric. 10


Free Man
A teenage favorite. I was in love with that song. For a year or two it was my best in then catalogue (7 albums).
The crazy rhythm, Paul's performance, the speed and the drumming by Clive Burr. Great stuff. I still like it a lot and it's rated in ~no90 position of the entire Maiden catalogue.