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I'm in complete agreement with no5- would LOVE to see Adrian do more side projects and with a variety of people. I think you mean Matt Barlow (ex Iced Earth) and that would be a GREAT pairing. I enjoyed his IE work and love his voice. And, I am also MORE interested in what Adrian might do on the side than what Maiden will put out next. Obviously, I love Maiden, always will, but H's side projects are unbound by Harris's "conventional wisdom" or the need to please all 6 bandmates and millions of hidebound fans and go in directions that surprise and reward the listener, sometimes not immediately, but almost always eventually. This is proven out by this thread- where quite a few folks have said they stuck with AB gave it fair chances, repeated listenings and then BOOM, the light went on. For others, the positive reaction was more immediate, but however we got there is fine. With BL, I went in really wanting it to be good, different from Maiden, and a positive outlet for Harry. And while it isn't all good, it is different and maybe he'll be a bit more democratic when Maiden contemplates writing for their next album. I.e.- maybe Steve won't feel the need to "Steve-ize" all of Adrian's stuff and just let the man contribute his stuff and get it recorded unaltered? I know, big hopes. :)


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Yeap. That makes a lot of sense. But still, they could have chosen a bar band name. Seeing Harris' name printed out on a cover, made my expectations grow up immediately; I never expected Harris putting his name in a 'project' like this. I was wrong.

It should have been "British Lion" full stop. But of course they are able to do so much more with it when it has his name on the front. That is just simple marketing and Iron Maiden has a huge fan base so it instantly grants them some kind of moderate success, word of mouth, airplay, reviews in the major media/magazines, the ability to tour etc...


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Chris, while I totally agree with the first part of your post, I'm afraid your hopes are high, indeed. From various interviews around the release of BL, I only got the impression of Steve's ego and domination to tending get higher.. A fair loosen of Harris' supervision would be more than welcome, unlike others here I don't like so much The Final Frontier, I prefer BNW & AMOLAD. But no big deal, just in case of failure, they''ll always be Adrian's projects to keep us excited ;)

EDIT: I *knew* Night Prowler will like this idea, cheers dude :D

Who should fill out the remaining positions? :D

I thought of Schaffer, seriously, but while it would be too awesome to handle, it's rather impossible due to clashing of egos around ;)


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I think that all Maiden members know that Maiden is bigger than each one of them individually. That is why Steve's been writing hardly any songs on his own after the reunion, while Adrian has been putting up with Steve's control obsession. They are compromising, this is indisputable. Yes, Adrian was unhappy but he knew that was that. I don't think we should be juxtaposing him and Steve at all, because they are what they are and they are used to each other's ways, as personalities. As much as I'm all Team Smith, I could never afford to dismiss Steve as a composer and leader. My only complaints are with his singing, which he so stubbornly insists we should be tolerating live. :D
In terms of creativity and productivity, there's no doubt who tops the chart and that is why I don't fear the day when Maiden decide to call it a day. I have no doubt that Adrian will continue to make music long after the rest have hung up their boots.​

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I have this dream where Bruce, Adrian and Roy Z team up again to record the next Bruce Dickinson solo album when Maiden calls it a day.


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For a long time I thought Bruce would "outlive" anyone when it comes to music (and anything else) but since he's so much into his business I have reconsidered that.

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Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
I'm sure I've read somewhere that Bruce was considering doing another solo album, he's probably thinking about doing it after Maiden.


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Guys, if Steve is holding Adrian back, why are Isle of Avalon and Starblind such awesome songs, songs that break new ground for Maiden?
Isn't it possible Steve's contribution made them better? Could they not be examples of a mellowed Steve loosening the reins?

If Adrian is as stifled as some seem to believe, why has he stuck around for 14 years? Why have his contributions increased and improved?
Isn't it possible H has come to a mature place where he is comfortable with both his role in Maiden, and his freedom to embrace other aspects of his muse elsewhere? Can't the minor disgruntlement expressed by Adrian immediately after TFF (which, if I remember right was simply about the treatment of Satellite 15) be chalked up to the natural outgrowth of the collaborative process, and the kind of thing that happens and that mature people just work through?

If anything, Adrian has blossomed during the reunion.
The current arrangement gave us Awoken Broken and The Final Frontier.
Doesn't sound busted to me.


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It wasn't about Satellite 15 because it was Steve who suggested that they keep the track as it was on Adrian's demo. They just had Bruce's vocals added to it. He was unhappy with the whole production of the album. But I completely agree with you about the rest in your post.