They have a few super catchy songs on every album, expecting nothing less here.

Plus this album will have a bonus CD with other vocalists singing Powerwolf songs, should be fun.

This is my carefully curated Powerwolf playlist:

New album kicks ass. Sabaton should take notes here really.

Btw. they had a covers album, an album of other bands covering Powerwolf and an album of other singers singing Powerwolf songs over original recordings... So next thing should be other bands covering Powerwolf songs but with Attila on vocals?
They are genuinely becoming one of my favorite power metal bands. Despite the silliness of the whole werewolf/vampire image, they are genuinely great musically and Attila is an amazing vocalist. The new album easily beats Helloween for power metal album of the year so far. Simple but effective, every song is a hit.
So, Missa Cantorem is almost completely pointless, with most of the guest vocalists being mediocre to awful. I should have just gotten the single CD version of Call Of The Wild instead.

The main album is one of the stronger ones they’ve put out since their power metal reinvention 8 years ago. “Faster Than The Flame” is unfortunately a complete regurgitation of all their album openers going back to 2009, but things pick up considerably after that, especially for the first half of the album.

There’s more bombast this time around, maybe to a disconcerting degree. The level of the music seems to surge every time backing vocals come in, which can be a bit much at times, but the overall song quality is good. “Beast Of Gévaudan” and “Dancing With The Dead” were good choices as singles because they definitely stand out the most on early listens.

I’ll need to let it sink in some more, but I think this one’s stronger than Blessed & Possessed, and it gives The Sacrament Of Sin a run for its money. I still think Preachers Of The Night is their best album in the pure power metal style, though.

A nice first step, but come on, guys — Gamma Ray played Minneapolis / St. Paul on at least two separate tours, and you can’t even manage something as close as Chicago for me…?