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Multinational metallers POWERWOLF have set "Blood Of The Saints" as the title of their fourth album, due in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 29; and August in the rest of Europe via Metal Blade Records in Europe. The CD will be released as a regular CD, a limited-edition digibook 2-CD (exact content to be revealed shortly) and on vinyl. The cover art was created by POWERWOLF guitarist Matthew Greywolf.

"Blood Of The Saints" track listing:

01. Agnus Dei
02. Sanctified With Dynamite
03. We Drink Your Blood
04. Murder At Midnight
05. All We Need Is Blood
06. Dead Boys Don't Cry
07. Son Of A Wolf
08. Night Of The Werewolves
09. Phantom Of The Funeral
10. Die, Die, Crucified
11. Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild)


Song titles are fuckin' awesome :shred: Can't wait for this one :edmetal:

The song is pretty predictable. Vocals are nice but guitar work is average, for me. I'm not familiar with the band, keep that in mind.

SinisterMinisterX said:
Just a quick thing first: no need for caps lock in the thread title. For most members of this forum, this isn't a major event. For many, not even notable. I'm a huge DT fan, but this is a Maiden forum, so let's keep it chill.

Also, in that case I think you should change the title  :)
(Too lazy to open another thread, so I'll resurrect this one)

Badass new song, probably my favorite power metal song this year:
I met a Dane once who claimed his favorite band, Powerwolf "sound just like Iron Maiden".
I did not let that one slip.
For me, Lupus Dei is the band at their best, and that’s the sound I think they should have stuck with — gothic trad metal with loads of pipe organ. Their current power metal phase starting with Preachers Of The Night has also been quite good for what it is, though.

The Metal Mass is also a pretty great live video set, though I wish they had more early material on it. The live DVD from the first History Of Heresy box set isn’t on the same level, despite the source material being better.