Powerslave: Album Discussion


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
Although I did not even know Maiden existed at the time, and although I love POM quite more than NOTB, I can understand how it could be a slight let down for the fans.

As for the Powerslave album. I always say that although SSOASS it the best Maiden album. Powerslave is my favorite.

Also I could not agree more about H. He is such an amazing guitarist that follows the times in a good way (at least with his playing). I was not that much into the material he did right after leaveing Maiden, but still his guitar song was stellar. Trying not to steer too much away of the thread subject (is there one to begin with ?? :) ) I can't praise Powerslave enough. Top notch material all the way througout. I have heard though that Powerslave back in the day had some mixed reviews. It stood the test of time, so I guess that says it all.