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Not necessarily a fanatic but your supposition is accurate. I was looking for tabs and I found this instead and felt inclined to commet. And no, it's not ridiculous in the slightest to state that your opinion must be held by all when your opinion is correct. Furthermore if you pay any attention to reality whatsoever it's governed entirely by people who make ludicrous statements and expect, to the extent of encroaching upon your freedoms and your existence, that you either agree with them or you're wrong or you don't exist. Either you accept that Billy Joel is amazing or your opinion doesn't matter quite frankly.

BTW, lmao at the saloon.


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Apparently, you forgot to read this segment of my post before you responded:

SinisterMinisterX said:
If you care to discuss the matter intelligently, I'm game.

Your response, in my opinion, is unintelligent. While there are multiple reasons I came to that conclusion, I'll only briefly touch upon the biggest one:

Grenadeh said:
And no, it's not ridiculous in the slightest to state that your opinion must be held by all when your opinion is correct.

An opinion is a point of view upon a matter which cannot be determined to have factual accuracy. As one common and very relevant example, one's point of view about the quality (or lack thereof) of any specific work of art is an opinion. There is no factual test for "good" or "bad"; it's all individual points of view, better known as opinions.

Further, if you can demonstrate that your "opinion" is correct for all persons under all circumstances, then it ceases to be an opinion and becomes a fact.

That's merely one of your many errors. I only responded this much to be polite; if you post another boatload of idiocy, I shall not do so again.
May I suggest that you find an adult to proofread your post before submitting next time?


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Great guy that Joel:

Billy Joel drummer files NY lawsuit over royalties

NEW YORK (AP) — A former drummer for Billy Joel claims the Grammy Award-winning singer of hits including "Uptown Girl" and "Movin' Out" has stiffed him out of royalties for years.

Liberty DeVitto has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan's state Supreme Court demanding Joel pay him overdue royalties. The 58-year-old says he was Joel's drummer from 1975 to 2005 and helped the piano man craft some of his biggest albums.

DeVitto's lawyer says he doesn't know how much his client is owed. He says Joel's sales are subject to an audit.

DeVitto says he's working as a studio musician and teaching to support his family, including three children.

Joel has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. His spokeswoman hasn't returned a telephone message seeking comment.


I guess the idea here is to really have a good piano notes and sheets to consider. In that way, you would be able to really get things done in reading the piano sheets. I guess that things would have been good in the long run for that one.