Physical music in the 21st century


Ancient Mariner
I was in a record store yesterday, and I thought that it would be good to hear people’s thoughts on this. Who here still collects physical music?

I’m 33, and I have been collecting CDs since I can remember. When we inherited my wife’s grandparents old record player, I decided to collect vinyl from certain bands.

I think my friends think I am a bit odd for still having physical music in the age of streaming. Here is my argument.

1. I enjoy the process of going through my collection to find something to play. Much nicer to do it physically than on a screen.

2. It’s nostalgic.

3. I spend enough time on my phone. Listening to music upstairs away from my phone and other distractions is one of greatest pleasures.

Who’s with me?
I am with you, although I am nearly 15 years older. :lol:

I do not buy as many releases as I used to, but 99% of them are CDs and DVDs. In fact, the only exceptions have been some digital EPs from the Manics I bought recently because they were not available in other format. Whilst I also use Spotify to listen to music when I am working, nothing beats having an album and delving into the artwork or reading the lyrics. Last, but not least, I love going to record shops. :)
I buy physical releases, mostly CD but I buy Maiden on vinyl too. I only stream anything as a way to check out whether I'll buy it. Anything on my phone is FLAC ripped from the physical product.

Will be going to a physical shop today to buy the new Ghost on a physical CD.
I used to buy Lp's and second hand Lp's in the early 90's when I was a teenager. Just buying records from my favorite bands & complete their discographies. I don't have vinyl player so my vinyls are unplayed since 25 or 30years lol. Later I started to buy Cd's and I had to start to buy the same albums I had on vinyl too I have almost 80 vinyl and many more cds. I still buy cds if it's a bargain or complete discographies (Maiden) or if I listen some amazing album on Youtube or iTunes I buy the cd. The last year I bought 4 or 5 CDs I have a cd player connected to speakers. Nowadays I listening albums trough iTunes or YouTube if I'm at home. I listen sometimes trough the phone but it's not my best choice to listen music
One thing I forgot to add is that I also enjoy buying music directly from the artists when I go to gigs (obviously only possible if they have that on the merchandising stall :lol: ). Last month I went to see Ginger play an acoustic set of songs from the Wildhearts and came back home with an expanded reissue of ¡¡Chutzpah!! and a copy of their most recent live album (30 Year Itch).
I buy CD whenever possible, and non-DRM'd, uncompressed digital files when I can't. I then rip and compress with my preferred settings and have the CDs as physical backups, along with the liner notes. My phone has enough space to hold my entire music collection, so I can listen to anything, whenever and wherever, without an internet connection, and parts of my collection can't magically change or disappear due to licensing or some company's whims. I'm also future-proofed for better compression schemes in the future since I always have uncompressed sources to re-rip from.
I’m 43 and have a decent size collection of vinyls and CDs. I’m all for physical releases. Digital is convenient, but I don’t want convenience. I want the act of listening to music to be a ritual that absorbs me rather than be something I throw on in the background. I just got a decent setup over the last few months and love listening to Iron Maiden and Mastodon on vinyl.
I guess it´s typical for our age. When I was younger I lent CD´s from the library and copied those I like on cassettes. I was allready 16 when I got my own CD player. The joy of going to a record store, browsing through all discs and finding those you were looking for is a great experience. I had a large collection but sold more than half of it through the years. I still buy CD´s but not as many as when I was in my twenties.
I don´t use Spotify and probably never will.
The only digital music I listen to are songs on Youtube. If I like them alot, I try to buy the album if it´s available.
I think it's rather common in the metal community for even younger people like me to collect cd's and vinyls. I'm kinda running out of space for LP's already so I have to figure something out haha.
I have to add that I'm still mostly a spotify user, I've probably listened to half of the physical copies that I own, if even that. Streaming is just so much more convenient regardless of the situation.
I still buy CD’ (never been a vinyl dude). My reasons for that is:
- support the bands
- support the record lables
- support the shops
- to have a physical product
- to have top sound quality

I use spotify for daily use as most other people, but nothing beats opening a new album and listen to it for the first time in peace in the evening when the kids are in bed. Or go into a record shop to pick up a stack of albums. My wife will never understand this, but this is my favorite activities along with going out to concerts and everything football. But that is why she gave me a 500 dollar headset for our anniversary a couple of years ago.