Other songs that sound like Maiden


Ancient Mariner
That's why I've been dying to hear it ever since it got announced. And yet, it's the only AMOLAD b-side never to be released.

I'm also keen to hear what they did with the keyboard sections.

Also, I'm wondering if the bit on the AMOLAD "making of" video of Tush with Nicko playing brushes is the actual version or was it just a rehearsal for the full band version


Ancient Mariner

Bruce played this track once at his BBC 6 Music Rock Show and said something along the lines: "So Maidenesque! Great song. Dave Murray would love the guitar tone!"


Out of the Silent Planet
I saw this band when they opened for Alestorm and Sabaton in 2016. I thought then that the singer sounded like a very young Bruce - amazing pipes!
This is the vocalist Patrik J Selleby (the current vocalist of the band since 2011), the vocalist on the song which I posted above is Urban Breed (he was the vocalist of the band for their first three albums). But yeah, Patrik sounds a little bit like Bruce, I guess.... and like Tobias Sammet imo.


Ancient Mariner
The awesome power metal band Power paladin from Iceland are releasing their debut album next friday, and on their single Kraven the hunter they totally rip off a part of Sign of the cross


Ancient Mariner
Checked it out, they aren't even subtle about it, it's the main riff :facepalm::lol:

Also the little fill before the chorus is exactly like the little fill before the chorus in W.A.S.P.'s Wild Child


Ancient Marinade
Under the Name of Legion by Rotting Christ. Not the whole song, but there's this returning guitar riff that is straight out of Maiden's book.