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Official Beer Thread

Discussion in 'Can I Play with Madness?' started by Natalie, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    So I was sitting around at home, trying various "exotic" beers and then it struck me...I would be very interested in the favorite beer's of people on this forum (since I value your opinions).

    Since this is a little bit tongue in cheek, I put it in the madness forum.  :p

    The rules are simply a discussion about your favorite beer(s). Feel free to go into lengthy description of taste or whatnot, if there are specific countries you think brew good beer, but also if there is a beer that you hate and you think a person could be tortured with by being made to drink it.

    I look forward to reading what you guys have to say on this subject. To start off, I'd just like to list my favorites so far:

    Corona Extra
    Wisby Klosteröl
    Lapin Kulta

    Let the beerfest begin!  :yey:
  2. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    I hate Lapin Kulta.  :(

    Norrlands Guld
    Random polish beer.
  3. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    See this is interesting already. I for one quite like Norrlands Guld, Mariestad and Carlsberg but not enough to have them in my top 6 :p.
  4. Yax

    Yax Ancient Mariner

    What about random polish beer?
  5. Perun

    Perun Cheesemäster Staff Member

    My favourite beer is Jever. It's nicely bitter but still goes down well. After that, I like Astra, but only if it is not export, but the original which you can get only in Hamburg. It's not as bitter, but has a unique flair to it.
    After that, I'm mostly drawn to other Pils beers, with Berliner Pils being the first mention because that is obviously what you get the most here. I can tell you which beers I absolutely hate though: Any kind of wheat beer, and Sternburg, which tastes like the vomit it is destined to become. Yuck.

    I'm not a big beer drinker though, I usually prefer hard liquor and mead.
  6. Wästed The Great

    Wästed The Great Minister Of Chicks, Metal&Beer; Cool & Froody Dude Staff Member

    I'd say that as of right now, it's Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (sp?) == tho the Oktoberfest is pretty good as well.  I am not a big fan of Sam Adams -- tho many around me think its 'high society' beer.  I have also been trying Hoegaarden -- think it's Belgian, and a white beer.  Also, as far as an American beer, Michelob Amber Bock isn't too bad. 
  7. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    My preferred beer is Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale:


    But I will also drink Sleeman's Clear Ale


    My favourite import is currently Tuborg Gold:

  8. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    Hoegaarden is my favorite white beer, although I haven't tried many. It doesn't feature in my top list because I'm not a great fan of white beers. Now Sam Adams is a beer I've never tried, which is a bit shocking as it is a Boston beer. I am very curious to try it though, even though it does have the stigma of being the beer that pretentious "Massholes" drink.

    @LC: Thanks for the pictures! :)
  9. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Keith's is so yummy.  I can't wait for Friday - payday and beerday!
  10. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member


    I would almost wager that any random European beer is better than Coors light, Bud light, Miller light, Natty light, or Busch light which are all the common US college fare. *sigh*

    But there is one European beer I hate: San Miguel. Wouldn't touch it, not with a ten foot pole.
  11. LooseCannon

    LooseCannon Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Staff Member

    Nat - you need to roadtrip to Nova Scotia this school year.
  12. Albie

    Albie Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.

    I'm sure I've mentioned before that I like Cobra and Grolsch (or perhaps Stella if neither are available). But I also like the odd bottle of ale - something like Bishops Finger (what a name, eh?).

    Thing about lager is that it goes so well with a Madras curry.
  13. Hunlord

    Hunlord Trooper

    Not a mad fan of beet, but Grolsch is pretty lovely. My all time favourite drink with 'beer' included in the name would be cherry beer from Belgium. The most gorgeous stuff I've ever tasted. I've had Mystic and a few other types, but unfortunately its not possible to buy in shops over here, and only one or two speciality pubs. I defy anyone to taste it and not love it.
  14. Forostar

    Forostar Conjure the Death Star again

    Kriek Lambiek?


    I like Grolsch as well, together with other Dutchy's Brand & Hertog Jan.

    @Perun, when you say wheat beer, do you mean what we call in Dutch witbier? "White" beer? I like that. :)

    And most Polish beers are pretty good!
  15. Perun

    Perun Cheesemäster Staff Member

    Yes, I think so. In German it's both "Weizen" and "Weißbier". I can't stand it.  :S
  16. Hunlord

    Hunlord Trooper

    Yep, that's the stuff. I'd kill for a few bottles right now.
  17. siebo666

    siebo666 Prowler

    Oooh dear - I can't stomach white beer - literally!  Hoegaarden is an acquired taste I think.  I have a fridge full of San Miguel at the moment Nat - not the best but drinkable.....

    Favourite is probably Tuborg or Becks but for a few lighter beer, Sol (Mexican) isn't bad
  18. Natalie

    Natalie Insect of Terror Staff Member

    This is brilliant, I'd never heard of cherry beer and it really does sound delicious so now I won't rest 'till I find some. :)

    And I haveto make an amendment to my original list, I'm adding Spendrups (a Swedish beer).
  19. Wästed The Great

    Wästed The Great Minister Of Chicks, Metal&Beer; Cool & Froody Dude Staff Member

    I actually enjoy a wheat beer.  Locally (KC Missouri) they brew Boulevard-- they have a wheat beer that is pretty good, bottle or tap-- I'll drink that before any other american mass made beer.  However, there are a few tap beers here that are drinkable as well  312 is a very pale ale and not too bad-- tho hard to find.  Not so great in a bottle. 
  20. pilau

    pilau Trooper

    Tell you what I like.

    First of all my most favorite beer of all time is the Belgian Bel Haven St. Andrews! An ale brew, very sparkley and brightly bitter. Not too heavy on ya but also has a nice weight you can feel.

    Other beers I really like:
    - Goldstar - Israeli brew, similar to St. Andrews.
    - Budwieser - I recently tried this Czech lager and was very surprised!
    - Miller - One hell of an American beer. It goes well with Billiard and Pool :)
    - DuVal - I only tried this beer once and it was very fun!

    Oh and I hate Leffe.

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