Isn't that one downtuned? I do not think Steve would have (co-)written anything in other tuning than the standard one.
It is--Thomas had to re-record his guitar parts on Blood Brothers (which he'd already covered on a previous NM album) with a lower tuning to accommodate Blaze's voice.

If only Steve would've had the common sense to do this, Blaze might've had a shot at success on the road. I mean, anytime he covers the Bruce stuff nowadays he has it downtuned, and he sounds great on it.
Blaze and Thomas to record and release new album this year. Blaze will have 4 albums of original material out in just under 2.5 years. Maiden should learn from him!
Quality over quantity.
I would say Blaze have both. TFF and BOS never really did anything for me. TFF was the point where I became more excited for new Blaze Bayley albums than Maiden. If they play more than two songs from TFF and BOS during LOTB I will gladly sell my ticket.
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I wouldn't go that far, BOS is the best album they made since BNW in my opinion. But I agree that Blaze has a great solo discography.
That is awesome.

And here's Blood Brothers, w/ Blaze:
And, um, well, let's just say it is considerably less awesome.

And is that really Blaze? Or...