Recently got through Death Note. This is an Anime that people often hype up whether they are die-hard Anime fans or just casuals, like myself. Originally released in 2006 I finally decided to give it a go aaaaaand.... it's average. I knew little of it going in, a young man finds a supernatural notebook in which if he writes someone's name... they die. After watching it I have no clue what the hype was about. Everything about it was average, the story, how it unfolds, the characters, etc. None jump out or steal scenes. If you haven't seen it you're not missing out on much. Good time killer, but far from the hyped up classic people have made it out to be.
Yeah, I think it's a fun entertaining mystery show to get lost in for the first two thirds, but not particularly memorable. That last third though is straight trash lol!
Started rewatching FMA '03 last night. It's that perfect sweet spot of being a great nostalgia trip, but also still being a total masterpiece that holds up today.


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I've been watching a lot of stuff, but nothing really worth writing about. For example, saw all 10 seasons of Archer on Netflix.... it's funny, but whatever. I did want to talk about three movies:

Fatman, with Mel Gibson. It was an OK movie. It could've been good to really good with a better ending. Great set-up, great build up, disappointing resolution. The hitman was the highlight for me, great acting from that guy, forget his name, but always does secondary roles, he was brilliant here.

Tennet. The latest Christopher Nolan movie. I enjoyed it for ONE reason only. I listened to the characters lol. So it's about time manipulation/inversion, not really "travel." The scientist explaining it to our protagonists said, "Just don't think about it." and I was like, ok, I won't hahaha. Yup, just enjoy the pew, pew and pow pow.

Mad Max: Fury Road. Finally got around to watching this one and it lived up to the hype. As beautiful as they said it was, great cinematography, stunts, action, characters and plot.... just awesome. I liked Hardy as Max, he did well. I wonder if he'll be in future sequels. This movie proved the Mad Max brand still has legs and a decent future.

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About a year after I first saw it, I think I can firmly say that The Irishman belongs in my top 5 films overall. Few have grabbed me as hard as it has, and Scorsese uses every single second of its three-and-a-half hour runtime to its fullest potential. It’s a film that really makes you scan the scene more than others typically do; not that others aren’t as well shot or anything, but you find yourself truly enthralled by all its glory very easily. The structure is great too, with all its flashbacks-within-flashbacks-within-flashbacks-within-flashbacks truly laying out the scene, and the way it sort of divides itself into four parts is great. There’s the beginning, where Frank starts making his way into the mob from his lowly truck driving position. There’s the meat and potatoes of the film, where he starts working for and alongside Hoffa, moving through Hoffa’s time in jail up to his attempt at running to his position, even though all the warning signs foreshadow how he’ll fall (and everyone knows he will going into it, making you yearn for the how and not the what). Then the film finally aligns with the wedding trip from the beginning and we go through the grueling hours leading up to Hoffa’s demise. And then Frank’s time in jail, withering him, so much that upon his return all he’s left to is a sad and empty life in a retirement home, never truly satisfied with anything that happened within his ultimately miserable life.

And speaking of the end, I have to say that your comments on the film @MrKnickerbocker were pretty interesting, where you mentioned that it would’ve been a more original film if it was originally about a gangster looking back on his life and trying to find the meaning in it as he’s about to enter the grave. And I really respect that take, but I disagree. I think the beauty of this film is that you expect it to be a great gangster film. It brings you along through every step of Frank Sheeran’s life in the mob, showing hit after hit, and then building up to what everyone knows will be the film’s climax — Hoffa’s death. And then when we get there Scorsese literally rips the rug out from under us and steals the climax we’ve been craving for. The murder just happens, Frank slightly clears up the scene and leaves. There is no climax, because even though it was Sheeran’s best friend, at the end of the day, it was just another hit for him. And that’s when you realize that what you’re watching isn’t just some cool gangster flick. It’s so much more than that. And when the ending comes, and Frank can’t even walk right, he just goes through days of pills and injections and old memories of his children who aren’t even close to him — that’s when it really hits home that the entire statement of the film is about how worthless everything that Frank did truly was. Because the film twists partway through and ends a completely different film than it started as. And to me that’s truly brilliant. You could have set up all the melancholy right from the beginning, but I think the three hours that precede that truly emotional ending make it so much more powerful than it would’ve been otherwise.

5 stars.


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Been watching a lot, but nothing special. For example, my GF got me into Gossip Girl which is ridiculous, but surprisingly a lot of fun. I had more fun recognizing the cast than the drama itself. For example, we all know Blake Lively from her movies and dating Leo Dicaprio for two seconds, The guy that plays Dan got his own series, you guys may have heard of it... YOU. Guest stars have been wild from William Baldwin to Elizabeth Hurley, crazy. In season one... Blair's mom is played by the woman who was the president's love interest in Independence Day, but then got recasted. That kinda trivia kept me watching lol.

Watched all of Archer, Rick and Morty, that kinda crap.

Binged all of season 3 of Cobra Kai in one day.... fucking amazing. I cried in silence from beginning to end. The emotional rollercoaster was intense. From what the kids go through to the rest of the cast, including Kreese. This is my favorite show in YEARS.

Rewatched the Queen's Gambit and Klaus with my mom on Christmas Eve and Day. Both worth rewatching. Can't believe Klaus lost to Frozen II.

Got a few things queued up like Don't Breathe, The Selena series, Monarca (mexican show about Tequila, politics and narcos.), Vikings season 6 and Sabrina season 4.


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Binged all of season 3 of Cobra Kai in one day.... fucking amazing. I cried in silence from beginning to end. The emotional rollercoaster was intense. From what the kids go through to the rest of the cast, including Kreese. This is my favorite show in YEARS.
I thought it was an excellent season. Not quite as good as 1, but better than 2. Altogether, the first three seasons are stronger than any show I've watched in the past years, except, maybe, Fargo.

It was obvious that the arc of Season 3 would be Johnny and Daniel finally joining together to defeat Kreese. I was worried the focus on Kreese's past would humanize him, and it does some of that, but what we see is someone who broke in war and has made the deliberate choice to never stop fighting those battles. His intentional choice to apply the lessons of war to children's karate is even more indefensible when you see how it ruined Kreese in his youth.

The early force-joining of Johnny and Daniel to seek out Robby was a strong fake-out, especially when they have the karate masters vs. chop shop fight that feels a little shoehorned in, but is really there to show that the two have the capacity to co-exist, but still cannot choose to co-exist. It takes parallel journeys for that to occur - Daniel heading to Okinawa and forgiving a previous foe in Chozen, while Johnny undertakes his substitute father's journey with Miguel, realizing he needs to grow and become better.

In the end, Johnny & Daniel further alienate Robby. Daniel's supposed to be the better father on the surface, but it's hard to argue that he is a good father. Sam is well-adjusted as she has been doted on by her dad, but her brother is essentially ruined as a person, a selfish joke of a person. Meanwhile, Johnny is capable of providing love and care to someone who is so devoid of it that he's drawn to any showcase of care, but he lacks the perseverance to overcome the obstacles Robby provides based on his damaged upbringing. Neither know how to be a good dad, but importantly, each has fatherhood aspects that compliment the other. Daniel has the perseverance, and Johnny has the ability to open his heart to anyone. He might not be good at it, but he's willing to try.

Speaking of fake-outs, the neurosurgeon fake-out in the first episode was on point, showcasing a woman with blonde hair in the background. Anyone paying attention will think it's Ali, and then it's not. You assume that means no Ali in the season, and they pay that off with the appearance in episodes 9 and 10, where Ali does what neither Amanda nor Carmen could do, and force Johnny and Daniel to see each other neutrally. And perhaps she was the only one who could settle things the way it was supposed to be settled, the only one who could give the perspective the other needed to set old differences aside. Without it, when both Daniel and Johnny unite to fight Kreese at the end of S10, they might fight each other after, but instead, they give a terse nod. That quick moment is the moment we've been building to for three seasons - they've set old things aside.

The other primary storyline is the love...rhombus. The evolution of this rhombus has been the trigger for much of the show's action, with Robby versus Miguel evolving into Tory versus Samantha. It's nice to see the women fighting over the men, too. This storyline evolved pretty fine, and a lot of the focus was taken off of it this season. Robby wasn't in that many episodes, and I'm really curious about the prison storyline - I wonder if that will lead to Kreese recruiting actual criminals to join his team.

If there was something I thought could have been better paid off was the redemption of Hawk. That felt a little unearned. I think it needed one more push over the edge. The fact that Kreese never went directly at Hawk might speak to his hidden empathy, but there's also the jealousy at being replaced that didn't quite seem earned. I'm concerned he'll go back to being just a happy friend, but in reality his redemption needs to be earned.

Anyway, can't wait for S4.


Watched The Mandalorian, Season 1 & 2.

The best Star Wars under Disney by far, this is what the new films should have been like. I've got a few things to... nitpick, though, namely:

- Getting Temuera Morrison to play Boba Fett of course makes a lot of sense, but the guy looked worse than a cosplayer in that Boba Fett armor... He hasn't got the physique anymore. Got over it, still.

- CGI Luke looked... poor. Still super cool though.

Also watched Star Wars: Episode IX -The Rise of Skywalker (2019).

Been putting this off until now. Was okay, I suppose. Still didn't care much about the film or the characters. The Last Jedi, however divisive, remains the only film of this trilogy I actually liked. I'd put this one above The Force Awakens though.


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Watched John Carpenter's "Vampires" with the GF. Man, it was a piece of shit when it came out back in the late 90s and time has not been kind to it. Can't believe it's from the same guy who gave us Halloween. The only bright spot is James Woods, but that's not saying much. It was nice to see the actriz who played Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks, but she's not given much to do with her role. We also get the least famous or interesting of the Baldwin brothers in Daniel Baldwin, who, to be honest, I can't recall seeing in anything else.

I did have fun watching it, making fun of it and tearing it to pieces.

Also watched WW84. It wasn't as bad as critics and moviegoers have made it out to be. It was hard to follow the first one to begin with and the sub-par writing didn't help. It left A LOT of unanswered questions and that's what really bothered me. Also, the first movie ends in a big speach and for the most part it works. This one does the exact same thing, but falls flat for several reasons. Again, fun time, worth the watch for sure.


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Oh, almost forgot. I also watched Pixar's Soul. I really enjoyed the movie. Such an interesting film in so many ways. The themes it explores don't seem to be the first choice for a movie mainly aimed at children, but they handle them so well that you still get a very funny, entertaining movie that, of course, still manages to tug at your heart strings.

Now I wait for Kong v. Godzilla.


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Watched Peaky Blinders with Cillian Murphy. I've always liked Cillian, from unasuming antagonist in Red Eye to supervillian in Batman. Here he plays the leader of a street gang called Peaky Blinders made up of family and old war buddies. The show starts in 1918 and the last available season ends in 1930. It's a surprisingly good show and it does a great job of showing the life of the lower classes in the UK during that period. My only issue with the show is, it starts in 1918 and NOT A SINGLE MENTION OF THE FLU PANDEMIC. NOT. ONE.Ok, I'm exaggerating Season 3 or so someone mentions in passing how an aunt died of the flu and that's it.

We started watching it, because I told my GF how the show was cashing in on Ana Taylor Joy's recent Queen Gambit's fame by putting her on the show's thumbnail. The orginal thumbnail had Cillian Murphy. Clever marketing indeed, beause she said, "Oh let's watch it then." She doesn't show up until the last season, lol, and of course she does a great job.


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Lady and the Dale (HBO)

Watched the first 2 parts of the 4 part documentary last night .. what a bizarre story. Will watch part 3 tonight and think part 4 comes out next week.

What you find out in the fist few minutes is that the story is about a woman who tried to form a car company in the early 1970s with a 3 wheel car that would get 75 MPG, the car was even featured as a prize on The Price is Right. Turns out the woman was a man who was on the run from federal charges.

As they get into more details ... it gets even weirder.



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Lmao, I first heard about that years ago when I got a book called 365 Cars You Need to Drive. What a wild thing.


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After all those years, Simen's vocals* finally seem to click.
*Can't find @Jer 's description of those, alas.


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Thank you!
So now we're sure: bad singer Simen, good singer Garm.
Or was it the other way around?
I tried shuttling around in that video, but it looked like one guy was doing almost all of the singing, and I don’t know who’s who anyway. So it was probably Garmen. Or maybe Simarm.


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NW: 10 (the 1979 film) with Dudley Moore and Julie Andrews.

According to Wikipedia, "it was considered a trend-setting film at the time and was one of the year's biggest box-office hits." Helped popularise Ravel's Bolero in the public consciousness.