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I remember when a friend of mine and I saw the live action Scooby movies with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prince Jr. He's a big Scooby fan and was VERY disappointed when they fought "real" monsters. I thought it a nice change of pace for the gang. He, on the other hand, left the theater fuming, "The WHOLE point of Scooby is that there is no such thing as ghosts and monsters!" LOL

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I like the live action films. I think they stayed very true to the original cartoons, despite the monsters being real. The thing is that the cartoons made it clear from the start that it was all fake and there was always someone behind everything, when IMO they should have explored the several other possibilities the overall universe could provide. Zombie Island (albeit not a live action film) did just that, and I love it to this day.


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Got around to watching Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix. After watching half of the trailer I knew I wanted to watch it. After seeing the second half of the trailer I knew there weren't going to be any surprises. I HATE IT when trailers do that. It was still worth watching and it was still interesting, but 90% of the suspense was gone. It was a good idea, yet poorly executed.

An art gallery worker notices that her elderly upstairs neighbor is dead. Peeking into his apartment she finds TONS of paintings and she notices that her neighbor had been burning some in the fireplace. According to the landlord of the building he had ordered ALL his work to be destroyed. She steals it instead and uses it to gain favor with her boss at the gallery. The thing is... the paintings hold a dark power.

Some of the paintings are down right creepy, others are beautiful. All the paintings, however, elicit strong emotions from the viewer. The movie either fails to provide proper social commentary/critic or doesn't even bother with trying. It touches upon "real artist vs sell out." The fact that critics (and artists) are full of shit, What is art and why the artists creates it, etc, but none of it is fully explored.

I was excited at first, because it reminded me of Goya's Black Paintings, which were found in his house, ON the walls of his house, after his death and they are a window into his deteriorating mental and physical health, along with his desillusioned view of people and society. He never intended for people to see them, nor he cared. He just did it. That is VERY creepy. I had an exgirlfriend who drew the creepiest face on her bedroom wall, because she, "couldn't sleep." That thing gave off a very negative vibe. Can you imagine having FOURTEEN of those around your house? Good lord.

The movie also fails to explore that. The WHY of the paintings to begin with and the WHY the artist wanted them ultimately destroyed.


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The Walking Dead returneth.
Can they think of nothing better to do with Rosita than have her shack up with every bloke on the show? So her and Siddiq were a thing, too? Ugh. Dramaaa. Other than that, I quite enjoyed it. Really liked getting to see more of the Whisperers, but I'm hoping the show doesn't kill the mystery and show too much of them. They're the most frightening villains the show's ever had, I hope they stay that way.


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Yes, although I was a fan of the earlier part of the Negan/Saviours saga, I do think the arrival of the Whisperers is a long overdue injection of something more threatening. The politics plots were getting tired. I do wish they'd left everyone unaware of the threat for longer, though. I'm bothered that a lot of the better characters are now gone.

I recently read that
Michonne would be leaving the show at some point, which kind of leaves Daryl as the only really good character, although I think Negan is going to play a major role in leading the good guys in future.


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Just watched Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix.

I can only blame myself for being sucked into watching bad and disappointing Netflix horror films over and over.


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Just watched Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix.

I can only blame myself for being sucked into watching bad and disappointing Netflix horror films over and over.
Most stuff Netflix produces seems like crap but I'm speaking mostly from looks, not experience.