Grave Digger - Heart of Darkness
Epic, Epicer, Epicest.
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Iron Maiden - Prodigal Son

God, Davey just slays these back-to-back solos, especially that first one with the big, bluesy emotional intro.

Dunno, I think tries to sound a bit too much like H on the first one. I don't like that, I think that each axeman should have his own distinctive personality. :ninja:
Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan

Three things:
- Holy Hell the energy is incredible.
- That said, Clive's tempos are out of control!
- So many backing vocals! I wish Adrian and Steve still did tons of (audible) backup vocals.
Iron Maiden - Drifter (Beast Over Hammersmith)

God, this song is bad, and Bruce doing the "eh yo yo yo's" is painfully forced. This thing may have worked with Paul's punky vibe, but it just sounds terrible here. I can't believe they found a way to make this song worse.