An example of a song that doesn't need a solo to be great. Every part is pure Bruce!
One of Bruce's best solo songs imo. It deserved big time to be an album song. Love every part. Both it and ''Broken'' would fit great in TOS.
Really enjoyable and maybe underrated album. I don't like only 1 song.
I don't like every song, but most of the material is great and some of Blaze's best.
Probably a stronger album as a whole piece than the debut, but not with better songs.
Martin Walkyier's been collaborating with the Brazilian band Tuatha De Danaan for a while, and during COVID they recorded a number of Skyclad covers which are pretty cool (the image is a link to the playlist, as usual):


Artist: Peter Gabriel
Album Title:
Release Date: 2023 (Album No. 105)
Style: Pop Rock
Rating: 4,5/5
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