Avantasia - Memory
One of their best songs with one of their best choruses.
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Artist: Europe
Album Title:
Release Date: 1983 (40th Anniversary)
Style: Metal
Rating: 4/5
Interesting debut album musically, but that's it.
Blackened, One and Harvester Of Sorrow are my favorite songs from this album.
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Artist: Iron Maiden
Album Title: Live at Donnington
Release Date:
1993 (30th Anniversary)
Style: Metal
Rating: 5/5
Great live energy and performances of all songs.
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Artist: Kiss
Album Title:
Lick it Up
Release Date: 1983 (40th Anniversary)
Style: Hard Rock
Rating: 3,5/5
Very good album. I like the guitar work. Songs like Exciter, the title track, Young And Wasted, Gimme More, All Hell's Breaking Loose, A Million To One and Fits Like A Glove are great songs.
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Artist: Deep Purple
Album Title:
Slaves and Masters
Release Date: 1990
Style: Hard Rock
Rating: 5/5
I only really like King Of Dreams, Love Conquers All, Too Much Is Not Enough and Wicked Ways (the solo).
The title track, Lady Of The Lake, Gates Of Babylon, Kill The King are timeless classics.
Best songs: first 3, In The Darkness, Lay Down The Law and Run For Cover.
One of my favorite albums of theirs.
One of their best albums as a whole piece.
I don't like all of the songs that much, but a classic and really enjoyable album for sure.

Not bad, but a bit underwhelming after such a long wait. :(

Let’s hope the rest of the album is better.
I wouldn't say that at all. Only for the instrumental section. Every other part is strong and memorable.

I wonder if people would like the song even more if it was a bit faster and the outro vocals were the actual chorus...

Songs like for example Believil, Devil On A Hog, Trumpets Of Jericho, Freak, Starchildren, Welcome To The Pit and Arc Of Space are not better imo. Not to mention from the other 3 albums.

I'm sure the rest of the album will be better. If it is at TOS level I will be happy.
I certainly prefer "Afterglow Of Ragnarok" to "Abduction", so Mandrake is already engendering more good will vs. Tyranny Of Souls for me at this stage, and I wound up liking Tyranny a lot in the end.