I listened the full album of Taylor Swift -folklore, yesterday. I usually don't like her fancy hits and I generally don't like her but this one was pretty good.
Written during beginning of Covid, it's a great album for late autumn /winter days. I did some wikipedia search after that and found out that she writes herself most of her songs and that despite being in the business forever she's only 32 years old.

In the end she probably is a great artist and folklore maybe the best starting point for us the unbelievers.

Maiden's The Book Of Souls <-> Priest's Redeemer Of Souls mixed playlist:

''If Eternity Should Fail''-''Dragonaut''
''The Book Of Souls''-''Redeemer Of Souls''
''Shadows Of The Valley''-''Halls Of Valhalla''
''Death Or Glory''-''Battle Cry''
''Speed Of Light''-''Down In Flames''
''The Great Unknown''-''Sword Of Damocles''
''Tears Of A Clown''-''March Of The Damned''
''The Man Of Sorrows''-''Beginning Of The End''
''The Red And The Black''-''Secrets Of The Dead''
''When The River Runds Deep''-''Tears Of Blood''
Maiden's Senjutsu <-> Priest's Firepower mixed playlist:

''The Writing On The Wall''-''Lightning Strike''
''Days Of Future Past'' - ''Necromancer''
''Stratego''-''No Surrender''
''Darkest Hour''-''Sea Of Red''
''The Time Machine''-''Evil Never Dies''
''Lost In A Lost World''-''Children Of The Sun''
''The Parchment''/''Death Of The Celts''-''Traitors Gate''
''Hell On Earth''-''Rising From Ruins''