It´s better than half that album.
I prefer the whole TOS album over DOD. :D
I can agree, it's definitely up there with Maiden's best short rockers of any album. I love both albums.
Gamma Ray - No World Order
The album is really catchy and enjoyable. Some Priest, Accept influences, but the songs are memorable. The intro of the album is epic and songs like ''The Heart Of The Unicorn'', ''Follow Me'', ''Damn The Machine'' and ''Lake Of Tears'' are strong.
I really dig this one. Not sure what all the complaints are about.

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Besides the perfect album closer, I like ''Into The Storm'' and ''When The World''. ''Rain'' and ''Real World'' are a lot of fun too.
Not one of my favorite albums of the band. I like ''Final Fortune'', ''Dreambound'' and ''Heaven Tells No Lies''. The 3 bonus songs (written by Markus) should have been included in the album. Great songs.
''Fight, Kill, Die'' is an insane performance. ''Out Of Control'', ''Out On The Streets'', ''Kingdom'' and ''Black Ninja'' are good songs.
Gamma Ray - To the Metal!
Underrated album. The song with Kiske, ''Time To Live'', ''Rise'' and ''Mother Angel'' (what a classic!) are my favorite songs from it.