Ancient Mariner
I forgot about these guys. Though I don't have anything by them, have listened to them and liked what I had heard. Couldn't find Old Rope on either Amazon or youtube.
It's a compilation. Have you tried Spotify? If you're interested to buy it you can try Discogs or Ebay ;)
You can try the latest compilation titled: A Bellyful of Emptiness - The Very Best of the Noise Years 1991 - 1995. It's on youtube
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Abysmal display of mental decay
Early Skyclad rules. I know @Jer isn't a huge fan of the first two albums (too rough as far as I remember) but I think they're their best. Anyway, the compilation suggested by @The_7th_one is a great introduction to the band by all means.
All Skyclad is good stuff, but the early years do have some very rough vocals. I really like their somewhat lighter-leaning albums like The Answer Machine? and Oui Avant-Garde A Chance, but their heavier but more refined albums like Folkémon and Prince Of The Poverty Line are great too.

In other words, @Bruins1, don’t write them off if you hear one of their albums and don’t like it — they have depth and variation in their catalog.