'Nodding Donkey Blues'



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The Angel Of The Odd
one of my favorite Maiden songs, especially for the existance of piano and for this terrible saying of Bruce think we have a guitar solo here or whatever

similar to "from here to eternity" -start the engines Davey & "pass the jam"  :wub: -don't stop I'll scream.....I've warned you!

I appreciate these comic-clever of Bruce, and most the moments of instrumetal variety (eg piano), and this song have both elements


clap hands

Nodding Donkey Blues is a straight up blues song about a very fat woman and it’s only worthwhile to hear the band play blues.


Thank you!! Love this, right up my street. i wish they'd let him finish said song before arresting him :(.
i <3 blues, & always wondered what he'd be like singing it. I wish he'd do more than that. it also reminds me of my dearly departed collie xx