New Single - The Writing on the Wall


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Agreed - I really liked Speed of Light but it was very much expected for the first single. Nothing about it really surprised me. TWOTW, on the other hand...
It gets to me same impression as I've heard The reincarnation of benjamin breeg for the first time - it was too unexpected choice for a first single. And actually nobody can accuse maiden that they always do the same kind of music.


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I have this on rotation on Spotify LOL I do hope the album is coming soon too. The sound is waaaaaay better than anything they produced for a long long time. Bruce does not sound strained like on BOS or TFF.
You wanna see the credits of the song, here's the info from Tidal:
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Adrian credited as lyricist rather than Bruce? Wasnt expecting that!

Also, there are so many little things in the background that nobody outside this forum would notice (or care about!). Sooty, cart & horses, aces high bar, ed force one etc. Took me 5 or 6 views before i spotted the 'Twilight Zone' Eddie pic!
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What was the video about? At first i thought it was about trump and the border wall? But then eddie turned into a samurai?


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
To me even on spotify Bruce sounds like he is separated in some phone booth.


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I've now listened to the song 5 times, the youtube-stream had somewhat vocals hidden but those were more front and powerful when I streamed the song from couple different services (lossy and lossless). I really liked the intro, western-feeling with bluesy flavors added. It immediately felt like something new had been found and this far on their career it's major plus thing.
All in all, it's too early to say much but after almost 6 years of wait this was something that really grabbed me and I like it alot.
I can so imagine this being played live where stadium full of fans jam and sing along to the song. It works indeed.
Based only on this, I think it will be truly interesting to find out the rest songs and what kind of feelings they will provide me.
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thought it was a VERY encouraging sign of a great album to come. much better (on first listen through YT so, yeah, let me qualify statement later) production than BOS with a very up-front, clean and "immediate" sound. nice little riff intro. big chorus. apocaplytic themes. what's not to like? this album *feels* like it's gonna be special