New Single - The Writing on the Wall


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The production is good - different to the one of TBOS album... I like this aspect.

Produced by Kevin Shirley, co-produced by Steve.


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I think this is awesome. I like the bluesy feel and I think the production is better than BOS. I mean for crissakes they're not young any more. People expect Powerslave in from guys in their 60's?
It's odd, I'm not a fan of bluesy rock on the whole, but it just worked too well here

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I wonder what Kevin Shirley's productions are like for other bands. Does he always make drummers sound like they're hammering old dustbins with baseball bats? Absolutely headache inducing, time after time.

Maiden should credit him as Kevin "Bin Man" Shirley on the album sleeve.


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It's not about the medium but about the mastering, for TBOS the vinyl was less influenced by the loudness war than the CD. Also don't measure loudness on Vinyl its not accurate. But yeah for TBOS go either for the Vinyl or a digital vinyl rip (you can do it yourself too).
It is about the medium as well as the mastering. The vinyl medium doesn't allow for as heavy compression and hot levels and subsequently the mastering compression is far more forgiving.

And 10 dB is roughly accurate. I don't just put it through a dynamic range meter software you know.


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Really loved the production on the this one. The guitars sound great. Maiden would never release their best songs on the album like this and therefore things will only get better. Super pumped


It's 8, it's not clipped just compressed AF and perhaps hotmixed
Also friendly tip:24/96 bad, never exceed 16/48
Thats simply not true, not sure where you would get that idea from, especially on systems designed to handle that. In this case, Aurender N20—>Chord MScaler—>Chord Dave—>Sim Audio Moon 340i—>Paradgim Persona 9H’s in an acoustically treated room. But again, no idea why you state that bit and sample rates higher than 16/48 degrade sound, but it’s factually incorrect.
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I was grocery shopping this morning. My watch was at 9:51 am (California time) as I checked out. Got to the car with a few minutes remaining. Sat in the car, a/c cranking, video starts, excitement. Watched it on my cell phone with the music cranking through the car speakers. I’m sure I got a few looks, but I was too busy sitting in the parking lot, enjoying the video.
I love it.
It‘s great to still be able to be this excited for new Maiden!
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Second listen on Spotify - indeed, the sound is thousand times better.

Also, agree with Diesel, the instrumental part is awesome!