New single: Stratego


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Stratego: great song,better than great unknown,mother of mercy some brave new world feelings, writing on the wall,great song too,different. what i like its that the guys have some cool and different ideas, book of souls was a bit of lack of ideas. I expect a good album,different and fresh like brave new world in 2000 and a bit dark like AMOLAD in 2005 or 2006.


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Nicko is great, I can't believe I just found out about his channel a month ago. Does he have a user here?
I was also wondering if he was here on the forum, he is a very nice person and an excellent guitarist


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It is a bit of a joke. Everyone who listens to the songs in my car, Maiden fans or not, have the same initial reaction. "What is wrong with the sound?!!!"
You know what, I thought the same, until today, I realized (being quite new to Spotify), that they "helpfully" turned on "optimize sound for 30-60 years old" (I'm 45 and they know it), which apparently made some kind of distortion in highs/hi mids. I turned off all the equilizers and advanced options, and suddenly everything started sounding better and more natural.
I'm not trusting any source anymore, until I stick the CD into the player


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What is the complaint here? It's not Iron Maiden enough? Senjutsu in Japanese script is right there. Eddie is in the fucking heavy armour from the beginning.

Like Christ on a cracker folks. Are you that weak of Maidenfans that you can't see what's going on here?

I liked it, but TWOTW is a better video (as expected, given the time and money put into it).


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Nice animation. I'm glad I didn't see the video before I heard the song, though, it would have given me a completely different impression of it. Still prefer The Writing vid. But cool to see Maiden music paired up with quality animation, it's a natural match, really.