Most memorable Maiden concert moments


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Rime, "Down in falls comes the rain", SBIT Albuquerque. 12th row and the pyro felt like standing next to a bonfire. Flame pots spouting 30 feet during the scream, fireballs going off when the solo section starts.


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July 1982...4th row centre Winnipeg... Steve and Bruce on the edge of the stage as if challenging the crowd to fight... the dry ice fog during Children of the Damned... Bruce screaming "You're not 13,000 human beings, you're 13,000 FUCKING MANIACS!"

They were special guests to Scorpions that night. Poor Scorps... it was an impossible act to follow.


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Poljud Stadium , 10th August 2008 my first and only (for now) Maiden concert
every second of the show was memorable :edmetal:


My first show 28 years ago was a total blur but I'll never forget the moment the Aces High riff kicked in and the whole stage and audience exploded into life. Powerslave and Rime were really incredible and Hallowed Be Thy Name was better than I ever imagined it would be. SIT tour with CSIT as opener with the flashing neon signs was amazing and Rime was even better than in 84'. Children Of The Damned was a nice surprise on that tour and Phantom Of The Opera created a very bouncy Edinburgh Playhouse. The sheer scale of the SSOASS stage from Donington was always going to be hard to squeeze into theatres but it was amazing to see and the setlist that tour is always going to be remembered by me for Moonchild, Infinite Dreams, SSOASS and The Clairvoyant. I really enjoyed seeing Killers and Still Life too. Hearing the No Prayer For The Dying songs before the album release was really good at the time and of those I still regard Tailgunner, NPFTD, Fates Warning and Public Enema No.1 as classic Maiden, Tailgunner in particular with it's heavy strobe-lit intro and although the tour wasn't the same effort production-wise it was great to see Maiden in jeans and t-shirts in front of simple backdrops. Donington 92' has so many great moments it's hard to pick but Fear Of The Dark and Afraid To Shoot Strangers were immense that day. I somehow missed every other Maiden tour between 92' and last year but it was worth the wait to hear TFF songs and also it was my first time for Blood Brothers, Wicker Man and one of my greatest live moments from any band I have ever seen, Dance Of Death. This song for me on record was better than ok but live it was absolutely amazing. I feel it is a bit underrated though. I'll certainly be taking in a show or two next year to add to the memories.

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2008, at Madison Square Garden.
Two things made this night memorable.
1, It was the first maiden show for my younger brother. I turned him onto them when he was about 12. The tickets were a high school graduation gift from me and we had the best time. Maiden+ MSG = match made in heaven.
2. We had floor seats at the show when the sound system went out during powerslave. The boys stayed on stage the whole time and started playing soccer and playing around/talking with the audience. The crowd was chanting and having a great time. No fights, no drama. They could have just left the stage and left the fans to fend for themselves. but they didn't . It was out for a while too. When the sound system came back on, Bruce blamed the 'Ghost of Sharroonn Osbourne" LOL

Here is the link if you want to check it out.
Sound goes out at 5.55

..and here is where they play soccer....

ps....i'm new here so if i am not supposed to put links up, will someone please let me know? don't want to get into trouble.


Had to be my 1st ever IM show...Milwaukee 1999, Ed Hunter show. The crowd was NUTS! Little teenyboppers next to me were singing along to "Hallowed be Thy Name!" HOT, HOT, HOT! My wife and her friend threw their bras away because it was so hot! And my buddy got thrown up to the barrier and got kicked out. Here it is at :41 seconds! Good times!



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I have seen Maiden three times......Somewhere on Tour in Feb 4th 1987 in Wichita Ks, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Tour June 18th 1988 in Kansas City Mo and just recently the Maiden England Tour opener in June 21st Charlotte........all the shows were special to me..........but the last one in Charlotte stands way out because of two was just the most incredible show i have ever seen production wise and crowd wise and performance wise, but the real reason it is so special two fold - - - I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in December and was told i will not live too long and i was able to take my 9 year old daughter with me (she is in my profile with me at the show)....i introduced her to the music this year and she loves it! To experience this show with her was just an incredible emotional time!! She will never forget this time and this concert and now Maiden has a new fan that can not stop telling all her little girl friends about Iron Maiden! Also the Charlotte show was almost exactly 24 yrs to the day of the time i saw the Seventh Son Tour in Kansas City in 1988!! UP THE IRONS!! KEEP MAIDEN GOIN FOR THE YOUNGENS!!!!


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Tough to respond to that.
My favourite Maiden concert moment is taking my then 12- and 9-year-old girls to Somwhere Back in Time.
Lost my mom to cancer at Christmas.
Love what you've got man.
Up the Irons.


I now have a new memorable moment, and it happened just tonight in Indianapolis:

I had pit tickets. I've NEVER had pit tickets before so I was really excited to be seeing Iron Maiden so up close and personal. Show was delayed for over an hour, because of really bad storms and tornado sirens going off. Anyways, the concert did finally start (I was SO SCARED they might have postponed to another night, which would have been horrible for me, having drove almost 400 miles just for the concert) and was amazing! During the end of Running Free, where the band did their bows and gave away their items, Adrian Smith threw one of his two armbands into the crowd. When he was about to toss his second one, he looked directly at me, and then threw it high up into the air in my direction. I jumped up and managed to grab ahold of it. The person next to me, who never had a grip on it before I did, tried to fight me for it, but I immediately got out of there to avoid any confrontations.

Anyways, I CAUGHT ADRIAN SMITH'S ARMBAND! I will treasure it forever. This was by far the greatest night of my life. (And the best of the four Iron Maiden concerts I've been to so far)


Hahaha, no, I did not do that. It was a bit sweaty, but wasn't too bad. I just couldn't believe that I now owned (and was holding) something that Adrian had been holding/wearing for the last two hours! I was kind of in disbelief for awhile.

When we got back to my car, the two friends that I was with asked if they could just touch it. Haha, it is indeed a sacred/holy icon!


:0 :0 I can't imagine what I'd do with something like that, perhaps keep it in its own vacuum jar or something :p on another note, I can't believe it's exactly 1 year to the day since I first saw Maiden, I can remember it like it was yesterday! Very special night indeed :)

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Seeing them for the 1st time ever in 1984 was very memorable, but meeting Steve and Adrian on the SIT tour in 1986 was more special. Plus on the 2nd night of the two SIT Cardiff shows I saw, they played Prowler as an extra song to the setlist. Prowler is not documented as being played on the SIT tour as far as I can make out, so that must have been rare. I remeber thinking 'yes....I love this song', and didn't expect it after seeing them the previous evening. Bruce mentioned they were playing an extra song because so many people attended both evenings.


:0 :0 I can't imagine what I'd do with something like that, perhaps keep it in its own vacuum jar or something

Yeah, I have a safe where I keep my most prized possessions. I have already put it into a pouch and put the pouch in my safe. I will treasure it always!

I was so close to catching one of Nicko's drumsticks too, but it was thrown about 5 feet to my left. By the time it'd have taken me to try and lunge for it, there were already hands on it.

Doesn't matter, Adrian Smith looked directly at me and threw his armband in my direction... and I caught it. That is enough right there hehe

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The first time I saw Iron Maiden, December 2006 in Glasgow, someone threw a cup on stage. It landed next to Bruce so he picked it up as the crowd howled in anger at whoever threw the cup, there's even a video on Youtube where someone yells "Knobjockey!" at the person who threw it. He sniffed the cup and said "Water? You fucking lightweight" which was greeted with a roar of approval by the crowd.