Most challenging aspects of making music?

Babo 91

The Knife Master said:
Signed by who? Are there labels listening to them?

Apparently so. Not too sure about the details but they really think they have got a chance of being signed. Its a shame, there are probably hundreds of up and coming musicians out there who have took the time to learn theory and craft melodies and then some band comes along and plays a few palm muted powerchords and abuses the double bass pedal and they get signed. Thats why rock music will be dead in 10 years. No musicianship


Ancient Mariner
I'm dying to be in a band of some sorts, but if I got offered to be in a band wiht memebers like the on in yours, Babo, I would decline. If the can't even go through a simple minor scale, they have to be geniuses in order to produce something listen-able.
It seems that they aren't, so they must suck.


God, as much as I love it, making music is a flat-out bitch for me. I can rarely write orignal music that doesnt blatantly rip off something else. But if I ever happen to write with my bandmates, we can write like 5 original songs per day and I go home like "WTF?" :lol: