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Megadeth and Lamb of God with Trivium and In Flames. Assuming this actually happens, I would absolutely be down to see this show Sep 9th in Tinley Park.

I'm also assuming it's no coincidence that the earliest dates are in Texas, and the Canadian dates are all at the very end. :lol:

Oh my god, this is one of the most horrifying bills I've ever seen.


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Hmm, how bad could those Ellefson videos actually be?



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Ok so you went in fully prepared, knowing in advance its an old man jerkoff video, but it still gave you PTSP.
Now I want to know why, without risking the eye bleach myself :D
Actually, I was totally unprepared — I just got an email from Jon Schaffer with the subject line “HALLELUJAH!” and a link to the video, and stupidly I clicked on it!


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Ellefson must be know that everything could be recorded trough mobile phone, computers today but the guy has been very busy these months recording the album, doing bass clinics, coffee business, running a video podcast, doing a lot of online interviews… He must forgive that some cunt could have recorded him.
His reputation is still fine to me. Not for his wife obviously.
(btw I'm listening Digital Bitch by Black Sabbath sung by Gillan right now :lol: )


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Honestly, Dave might get rid of Ellefson for this.
If the girl was underage, yes. If not, he’s stuck — either he fires Ellefson and people accuse him for all time of being a fake Christian who doesn’t believe in forgiveness, or he keeps Ellefson and has to deal for all time with wanking jokes.

My bet is that if the girl was an adult, Ellefson stays, but gets a public dressing down (no pun intended!) and a pay cut.


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If she was underage, which she claims she was not, he should fuck off. If not, what's the problem apart from you know, him being immoral, as he wasn't the one to release the video either?

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I dont know the details of this but I know a guy who got caught in a similar way. Girl says shes 23, he gets jiggy, she then covers up and says shes 16 and he has to pay money or she will release the video. The guy fronted up, told everyone that they may see a compromising video of him and explained the circumstance and went to the police. Turns out the girl was involved with a gang who do this all the time. It seemed that she wasnt coerced or trafficked and was a full part of the gang. Who know. They shame and embarrassment for the guy I know went away quite quickly. Different for a public figure, obviously.
So, point is, what age did she tell Ellefson she was? Thats the difference, morally and legally. Camming is a valid way to pull your plunger, after all.