Years Wasted


40 years ago, Maiden did something that most band’s today wouldn’t even think about… Play two full concerts on the same day and with about 4 hours between them. The place was the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo, a place that holds 2,222 people and that had been sold out months before Maiden even started the tour.

There were some mixed feelings on this concert, on one side, the entire band was extremely happy to play this last date of Japanese Leg of the Killer Tour, due to the fact that all the dates had not only been sold out long before the tour even started, but on the other side, Steve by now is really concerned about Paul’s attitude and problems and just can’t keep off his mind that a change is almost inevitable… Will the band survive if Paul leaves? How are we going to finish the tour? These questions would have to wait because there’s still a full leg to go on… Fortunately also, the day after the concert is a free day so the band can relax and buy a bunch of audio equipment while sight-seeing and then…

Want to know what really happened between this gig and the end of the tour? How about the true story about the outing of Paul, Clive and Dennis with precise dates of events that ended up causing the changes the band made in order to become a Monster Of Rock! Is all here, no theories, all FACTSEDDIE MADE ME DO IT (THE RISE OF THE BEAST 1975-1987) at


Years Wasted
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The first time that Steve went before an audience that wasn’t mainly family and friends was at a talent contest called the Aberfeldy Street Festival, organized by Dave Beasley (later to be known as Dave Lights) at St. Nicholas Parish Community House, in London's Poplar district. The story is famous for many reasons and one of ‘em is that the band (Influence) came on second, with the winning prize going to a sort of Osmonds (a family group) style-band.

It is strange to imagine that a band such as Maiden would play in a talent show, however, during the late ’70’s this kind of shows were constantly being held in schools and pubs around London, and it was definitely a way to make yourself know plus win some extra money (or at least some cans of soda, beers or whatever).

The first time that the band entered a talent contests, along with six other very diverse bands, was on November 13, 1976, at the Queen Elizabeth in Romford. On that occasion the band played two of their numbers, and although both numbers went down very well with the crowd and the judges, the sympathy vote was given to a little boy who played the acoustic guitar, and Maiden on second.

The next time that the band tried their luck in a talent contest was actually on May 31, 1977, this time on a not so common place, the Greyhound, in Chadwell Heath. The Greyhound used to feature many Punk bands (as most of the pubs in ’77) but this was definitely an opportunity to play in front of a different audience, so Paul Sears, managing the band at the time, decided to sign up the band for the show.

According to the recollection of some people who attended the show, there were about 10 different bands participating, and even when Maiden was definitely not a punk band, they could definitely put on a show and actually play (something that most punk bands couldn’t really do) so once again our beloved band did great, however, once again they came second.

Want to know the exact setlist that Influence and Maiden played on these occasions? Where else did Maiden played on a not-so-common-place just because they needed the money and to play? How about getting a detailed history of the band with dates, places and tons of trivia facts of the days when Maiden was just another pub band? Well, now is your chance, just go to and order the book with a very, very, very special price!


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