Years Wasted
This book shakes, shocks, and rocks. And make the rest of Maiden books look average stock

Detailed Discography Of The Beast
is the result of more than 25 years of research in an e-book filled with MAIDEN info, across 1121 pages, taken from press packs, books, magazines, press cuttings, radio, TV & personal interviews plus hearing over 700 bootlegs covering the very beginnings of the band to the present.

For those fans like me that have been researching the history of the band for a long time, this eBook represents a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, because it presents facts about every song directly from the mouths of past & present band members & album/single producers.

It must be noted that some of the information in the eBook has not been available anywhere else and it finally puts an end to the research of other great fans like Ryan LaMar, Barry Considine, Skoog & Ricardo Lira who have gone to great lengths in the research of the band or discussions about when a certain song was written or what truly inspired it.

Another great feature of the book is the amount of images that can be found in the pages.

All in all this is an Ebook that devoted and common fans of Maiden will surely enjoy and wish that it came with at least one of the early bootlegs the author had the privilege to listen!

Up The Irons!

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Is the price some kind of a secret? I mean - why it can't be posted here publicly? :-(

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Is the price some kind of a secret? I mean - why it can't be posted here publicly? :-(
I guess it would go against the forum regulations to advertise so directly for one's own products - merely saying that it exists is not exactly like making sales offers. Besides, if we were allowed to do it anyway, I would not like to see the legitimacy of the price of my work discussed in the open... or worse
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Years Wasted
Hello everybody. I dunno how many people have seen this thread but in any case I come to all of you with the following news. Yesteday, my mum (82 years old) fell and broke her shoulder in 3 parts and must be operated. My family doesn't have the money to pay for this operation and I must help them with what I can so from now on, and until the operation can be performed, all the proceedings will be destined to my mums operation.

So if you want/can get the ebook, know that you will not only be paying for the ebook but also helping my family and me.

All the best blood brothers

P.S. Remember you can get the info to pay for the ebook by subscribing here
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Years Wasted
And here it is, the new preview of the book with comments from Nesbit on Talking Maiden: The Podcast of the beast Ep. 113.



Years Wasted
I just monied you and look forward to receiving my book. I'm going to read it with my face and enjoy it.

Hey! Just received your payment and I'm uploading the book to send it to you! Thank you for your purchase mate!

I will also send you the invitation to join the exclusive FB group where you'll be able to learn something about Maiden everyday!


Years Wasted

“We spent two to three weeks at the Hollywood Studios, in Clapton, so we'd get used to the setlist.” Dennis Stratton

If there was ever a time when Maiden almost lived inside the Hollywood Studios in Clapton was January 1980. Two new members had recently joined them (Dennis in December & Clive early in January) so in order to comply with their contractual obligations (single, album & Metal For Muthas Tour) the band needed to rehearse A LOT.

Fortunately, they had chosen a pretty easy song for the single, ‘Running Free’ which didn’t really present a challenge to the talented members, so although Maiden had already

“wasted” their time with two producers, there was really no worry when the moment came to laid down the song in the studio with Will Malone in the producers chair.

The challenge lay in getting Dennis and Clive to learn the songs that were going to be laid down at the studio and, more importantly still, because of time running out, the entire set that the band was going to play during the Metal For Muthas Tour.

Now, as most Maiden fans know, the Metal For Muthas album is a compilation that EMI had come up with, with the help of Neal Kay, in order to make some cash with the whole New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement. For the album, the cream of the crop of the NWOBHM bands were contacted and given the chance, to some for the first time, to lay down one song… Maiden being the only “lucky” one to be able to lay down to tracks, ‘Wrathchild’ and ‘Sanctuary’, which of course, put extra pressure over the band to deliver the goods in the tour to promote the album.

2 days before the Metal For Muthas Tour started, the band rehearsed at Shepperton Studios along with Praying Mantis (featuring a certain Bob Sawyer on guitar) and the following day at the University of Aberdeen, the place where Clive and Dennis would make their live debut with Iron Maiden, today, 41 years ago.

Funny thing happened during the concert due to the fact that Maiden had forgotten to check the fire prevention systems. Almost as soon as they got into their usual bombastic set intro. Disaster struck! The flashbulbs used during the intro, were detected by the venue smoke detectors, immediately cutting all the power, and then, almost during the entire gig, the air raid alarm kept coming on… to the point that it got so annoying that the folks ended being quite dissatisfied with this first gig of the Metal For Muthas Tour… Talking about a first experience for Clive and Dennis eh?

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Years Wasted
'Running Free' is Maiden's debut single released on this date 41 years ago by EMI on the 7" 45 rpm vinyl record format. The song was inspired by a drumbeat that Doug Sampson was playing while the band was rehearsing at Hollywood Studios in Clapton and that the others started jamming along while Paul Di'Anno went off and wrote the lyrics. "'Running Free', harps back to the days when I was a skinhead and part of a street gang," Paul told me in an interview. "No one would dare to touch us, and we used to go out and stop police cars, kick in their lamps and then run off down an alleyway."

Once the song was written the band knew they had a catchy song that could end up being a single, so they started working on it and even record it, along with 'Remember Tomorrow', in a rehearsal that the band played at Hollywood Studios on June 27, 1979.

When the band was finally signed to EMI, it was obvious to them and the band that 'Running Free' would end up being their first single, so as soon as producer was found (Gary Edwards) the band went into Wessex Studios on November 25, 1979, and started struggling with trying to catch their live sound convincingly in a recording environment. They ended up with two songs on tape, 'Running Free' & 'Burning Ambition' but because of, according to them, the "muddy" sound that Gary gave them, they “discarded” these versions. Although, RF would eventually find its way into the Axe Attack Compilation (Vol. 1) as well as on the single pressing that came out in Germany (7" Jukebox) and France (7" Jukebox).
A second try to make their sound justice was given to Andy Scott, "Oh yeah, they had a demo of it with the original drummer and Clive Burr had just joined the group and they came to me with an idea of just re-recording the drums, cause the drums didn't sound very good." Andy said in an interview.

In the end, the experience with Andy was not satisfactory at all, so they had to wait for a third (and last) try to record the single, so on January 19, 1980, they entered Morgan Studios with Will Malone in the producers chair to give their last try to record the single. All in all, at the end of the second day of sessions the band handed their first single to the label so they could start and press what would be Maiden’s first single.

How about a little trivia?

The picture in the back cover was taken by Ross Halfin while Maiden was performing at The Nashville Room in the Kensington on November 11, 1979. If you take a good look at it you'll notice that it is the only single to feature a former member of the band, Doug Sampson on drums.

It was one of the songs played at Clive's & Bruce's audition.

Adrian's first public appearance with the band was a studio "performance" for a German TV music show named Rock and Pop miming to 'Running Free' & 'Remember Tomorrow' - Broadcasted on November 8, 1980.

Killer World Tour – March 15 & March 22, 1981 - Trust (at the time featuring one Nicko McBrain on drums) came on stage and played 'Running Free' with Maiden.

The 10th most played song by the band.

One of the only five songs to be sung by all 3 official Maiden singers (Paul Di'Anno, Bruce Dickinson & Blaze Bayley).

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Years Wasted


It was a stupendous show. The Tygers were clearly still feeling their way, but Praying Mantis were really good, really solid. Then Maiden came on and blew the lot of them away! – Malcolm Dome

The Maiden boys had played the night before at the Manchester University and even though they gave it all, the students didn’t seem to enjoy the gig too much which of course, didn’t sit too well with the band so after the gig, they went out for a bite and some beers with the guys from Praying Mantis while the Killer Krew loaded the gear into the bus to drive through the night from Manchester to London.

Approaching London, a certain Bob Sawyer ;) by now guitarist of Praying Mantis if you didn’t know, told the bus driver to drop him off in another place where they were supposed to drop him off and gave directions to the bus driver to get to the hotel the band was going to be staying in, but unfortunately the bus driver got lost which caused a domino effect… Late arrival at the hotel, late lunch, late soundcheck…

The Lyceum Theatre is a West End theatre located in the City of Westminster, on Wellington Street, just off the Strand in central London and it has a seating capacity of 2,100, and according to various people who were lucky enough to attend the gig, it was packed and the band was on fire, maybe due to the fact that this was going to be the first time that Will Malone saw them live…

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Years Wasted
10. Bruce & Adrian.jpg


The first shows with Bruce in Italy had proven that he was no mere replacement for Paul. He was something new, different and more than capable of earning his spot amongst great Metal vocalists. Now all Maiden had to do was come up with a brilliant album to destroy all the negative comments that had been circulating in the UK press since Killers and fueled by the partying ways of Paul.

There was a lot of pressure over the band, this was their third album, the last album that EMI had committed to release in 1979, and with Bruce at the helm.

Now, it is no secret that The Number Of The Beast was recorded very quickly, thanks to the fact that the band was working once again with Martin Birch and that most of the songs were already written by the time the band entered the studio, so after the tracks were put down on tape, all Maiden had to do was come up with a great tour in order to demonstrate that they were a band ready to stay and rise in the ranks of the Metal world.

The Beast On The Road, as the tour was titled, originally was set to start at Cardiff's Sophia Gardens on February 27, 1982 but due to the roof of the venue collapsing it was moved to the Wolverhampton Civic Hall, however, a mere 14 days before the tour was about to start, the band announced that the first gig would take place at the Queensway Hall in Dunstable, a top music venue from late 60's to early 80's, where Maiden had played 2 times before and many bands made their name… And Maiden wouldn’t be the exception.

1750 fans went to see the band on that first gig, some of them in doubt that Maiden could be a better band with Bruce at the helm, some ready to see their favourite band reach new heights, all of them nervous and anxtious.

The opening band that night was The Rods, a band from New York that meant baad bizness, and that were ready gonna make your nose bleed crimson, burn holes in your eardrums like vitriol, melt your studded wristbands, churn your tummy 'til you vomit, commit GBH thru amplification, explode your tiny brain right outta your hide or so it says on the Sounds magazine published on March 6, 1982.

Then came the mighty Maiden with their new singer jumping, running, screaming and with such attitude that it was impossible not to take notice. At the initial Rainbow and Ruskin gigs, his behaviour seemed forced. But now he was accustomed to his colleagues, and his voice was ready to prove that he was going to be one of the greatest singers in the business.

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