Maiden studio album shoot-out, Part 6

IM/Debut vs. NPFTD

  • Iron Maiden

    Votes: 16 57.1%
  • No Prayer For The Dying

    Votes: 12 42.9%

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Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
Alright. Senjutsu got knocked out by POM - almost as tight as it could get (17./.19).

Tomorrow we'll have a mighty 1980s album competing with many peoples favourite Maiden album - I'll do that on request by @Eli ... (there couldn't barely be any better set of choices for the Saturday game I suppose :ok: )
...!!! BUT... :devil: before we are going to do that, I thought it might be interesting to go for a battle between IRON MAIDEN/The Debut and NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING, finding out which album has the more appreciation. B)

We soon will have gone through all 17 albums, a few more left - so just feel free to give any competition requests or wishes already out of the superior album list (see below) for the second round starting in a few days. :nana:

Again 24 hours time to vote, poll results again can't be viewed before having voted, once casted vote cannot be changed, poll will be closed after 24 hours for then the next comparison will start.
<<<<Still in the game: A Matter Of Life And Death, The Book Of Souls, Brave New World, The Final Frontier, Piece Of Mind>>>>
<<<<Already out: Killers, Dance Of Death, The Number Of The Beast, The X Factor, Senjutsu>>>>
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CA Bryers

Educated Fool
As strong as the material is on the debut and as maligned as No Prayer is by pockets of the fanbase, my vote goes to No Prayer. The debut is great, but I tend to enjoy any Dickinson album more than the Di'Anno pair. No Prayer isn't fantastic by any stretch, but I still find it a good album that gave us something different--and I appreciate "different" when it comes to a band that has such an established sound as Maiden does. It's heavy, straightforward, gritty, and has a nice dirty sound.


The dotage of a dotard
NPFTD is way more consistent, even if its highs aren’t as high as many of the other albums. I’ve never been particularly fond of the debut, either.


It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
Debut album started Maiden's path to Glory. No Prayer for the Dying album marked Maiden's descent into Darkness.. My vote goes for Iron Maiden.


Last Son of The Miracle
They both show Maiden at their rawest and punkiest, but the debut feels more genuine in that regard, whereas No Prayer feels a bit like its trying too hard to recapture that street-level sound. It does have some good songs and some strong guitar work, but I think the debut's stronger overall.

Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
Phantom of the Opera is a great epic. I would have voted for the debut album if Bruce was in it.
They shoud have released NPFTD as a double album: Record #1 the album as we know it, record #2: The debut revisited in a 1990s version with the NPFTD line-up. That would an untoppable great Maiden album.


Educated Fool
Even though the polls are closed, I'm still gonna put my two cents worth in.

Iron Maiden. It's gritty, raw and has an urgency that NPFTD lacks.