Maiden references in movies or TV shows

I thought it would be fun to list movies and shows in which Maiden are either referred to or something with them on it is seen, here are the ones I can think of:

In an episode of Beavis and Butt-Head, they were in jail for the day and their cell mate had a Maiden tattoo on his arm.

In the 1989 comedy "Don't tell mom the babysitter ' s dead", the teenage stoner metal head has a few Maiden posters in his room.

On the first episode of the Canadian 80 s teen show "Degrassi junior high", the soon to be main character Snake was wearing a Maiden shirt (this was the only episode where he wore it)
Those are my top 3 for now, feel free to post yours
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I think I watched an episode of Friends recently, where Phoebe makes a reference to Run To The Hills.
ah Bill & Ted, I can't believe I forgot them, I should be ashamed:facepalm:

I also vaguely remember in the 1996 comedy "Bio Dome" with Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin, one of them said that something would "Sell better than Iron Maiden merch"

and wow, Friends is the last show I would expect a Maiden reference on...
Off topic, but Biodome is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
I think I watched an episode of Friends recently, where Phoebe makes a reference to Run To The Hills.
Oh I remember this! Phoebe is talking to somebody about music and says something to the effect of: "I play mostly folk music but lately I've been learning some Iron Maiden covers".
and wow, Friends is the last show I would expect a Maiden reference on...

You think that's unexpected?

Persepolis is a 2007 adaptation of an autobiographic comic book about a girl growing up in early 1980s Iran, just after the revolution. It was noted for its minimalist style and its unexpected humour (especially when you consider it was marketed only with sad faces). One scene shows the main character defying religious authorities by becoming interested in western rock music and buying bootlegged Iron Maiden albums on the black market.

The original comic book even has a passage showing the parents smuggling an Iron Maiden poster into the country and discussing the band. The poster itself is also shown:


I should note that the original is in French, I only have the German translation.
In an episode of the UK Inbetweeners, there's a girl wearing a World Piece Eddie t-shirt when the guys go to a club gig.

That's the only one I can think of, off the top of my head.

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"Off topic, but Biodome is easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen"- lol, eh, I know Pauly Shore is not everyone's favorite, but I enjoyed his movies in the 90s, Bio Dome might not be the most profound, inspiring film ever made, but it's good clean fun for a rainy Saturday afternoon:) My favorite Pauly Shore movie is "Son in Law" though

but anyhoo back to Maiden references- I remember in the 2000 Adam Sandler movie "Little Nicky", the 2 metalheads his character befriends, one of them said "666, The number of the beast!"

and, School of Rock was mentioned in the old thread, I'm watching that now on AMC, yes, the Maiden sticker in his van is very noticeable

getting back to Beavis & Butthead, I remember them watching the "Hell is From Here to Eternity" video on one episode, as far as I remember that's the only Maiden video I ever recall seeing on there
Not specifically mentioned, but the last series of Dr Who had some striking imagery which looked Maiden.

Three quarters of the way though the season we get 'Mummy on the Orient Express' in which the monster is the spit of the LAD/PS Eddie.
I dismissed it as common imagery but at the end of the series we get 'Death in Heaven' where Cybermen rise from the grave LAD(No Prayer?) style, hands breaking ground in front of gravestones just like the LP label.

Again I dismissed but in the same episode a twin engined plane, what looks like an airbus, gets attacked by gremlin Cybermen, ripping the thing apart, people and stuff falling through the air. Flight 666!
I'm starting to believe the the show runner, Steven Moffat, is a closet Maiden fan.

Then I looked back to the earlier shows in the season to find other similarities and, sure enough, in 'Time Heist' we get a monster chained up in a straight-jacket who eats brains telepathically. Food for thought. And his wife in imprisoned in a vault cell. Piece of Mind.

Apologies for the rambling, don't wish to upset anyone :)
I've never watched and Dr Who, but the first three examples are pretty common place, and I find it likely that they just draw from the same source of inspiration.
Agreed. It's more a case of Riggs's original covers incorporating fairly common imagery/motifs (not unintentionally); rather than Dr Who (which itself has very little in it that's original; so plenty of form with borrowing other peoples ideas) referencing Maiden.
Usual imagery, but if someone wants to see a CGI Powerslave Eddie, 'Mummy' is a good place to look.
I've got to say that the eating of brains and the straight-jacket in 'Time Heist' seemed stronger than regular coincidences.