Maiden - Legacy of the Beast game Eddies


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I love my 5-star Samurai Eddie. A couple of days ago I also got Trooper Eddie but haven't had time to level it up yet.


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Do you play? what's your fav eddie?
I played it. I wanted to try it, but honestly it's not so good game. If it was a game like Mortal Kombat it would have been awesome. But the game gave us so many great new artworks with Eddie.

Favorite Eddie from the game- hmmmm, I like a lot Edward The Great, Benjamin Breeg and Crusader Eddies. But they are all great. :)


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I don't play , but it's cool how these graphics are made.
All Eddies are goods. Maybe one of them would be the next theme in new Maiden album

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I have posted every Eddie from the game in this thread, so if I have counted right, there are 49 Eddies.... so far.
49 .... I am not far off then!

I know I need the two Angel and the Gambler Eddies, the Shadow Wicker-man Eddie, Executioner Eddie, Samurai Eddie and also Samurai Emperor Eddie. Can't think of the others at the moment though. I'll have to take another look at all your posts ;)