Maiden Collection



I guess around 100

All the CD, singles, DVD K7. Most of the vinyles and some bootleegs (25-30) and special stuff.
I used to have a lot of posters postcards and T-Shirt but now I keep only the music stuff


Well, over 20. All albums and dvd's + Live After Death and Donington vhs, five singles, poster flags and couple of posters. Nothing rare.

Still Life

I have, I think, 15 items. I included patches and stickers, not just media. As far as cd's go, I have every album with Bruce on it, and one with Blaze. I would have both Virtual XI and The X Factor, but I cant find The X Factor anywhere.

O, and I have a really badass watch!


23, The Number of the Least

(if you really draw out the twen-ty, it works....)


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[!--QuoteBegin-Still Life+May 2 2005, 10:50 AM--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(Still Life @ May 2 2005, 10:50 AM)[/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--QuoteEBegin--]I cant find The X Factor anywhere.
In Soviet Russia, the X Factor finds you! [!--emo&:p--][img src=\'style_emoticons/[#EMO_DIR#]/tongue.gif\' border=\'0\' style=\'vertical-align:middle\' alt=\'tongue.gif\' /][!--endemo--]


I have all the studio albums except FOTD and VXI, Visions DVD,
kubric powerslave eddie, 82 and 83 tour books, book 2,5,and 6 of fanclub,ed hunter,picture discs of TNOTB, POM, and powerslave,santcuary single, twilight zone single, aces high single and picture disc, 2 minutes to midnite picture disc, run to the hills 45 single,
flight of icarus 45 single, and maiden japan single.

that would be 30.


My Iron Maiden Collection


Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast
Piece of Mind
Live After Death
Somewhere In Time
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
No Prayer For The Dying
Fear Of The Dark
Live At Donington
Real Live/Dead One
X - Factor
Best Of The Beast
Virtual XI
Ed Hunter
Brave New World
Rock In Rio
The BBC Archives
Best Of The B'Sides
Beast Over Hammersmith
Edward The Great
Dance Of Death
Tribute to the Beast Volume 2 + Bonus Disc

Cd Singles:
The Wickerman
Run To The Hills (Rock In Rio)
Wildest Dreams
No More Lies
The Number Of The Beast

Iron Maiden Related Cd's:

Adrian Smith's Psycho Motel:
State Of Mind

Bruce Dickinson:
Balls To Piccasso
Tattoed Millionaire
Tyrranny Of Souls

The Number Of The Beast
Piece of Mind
Live After Death
Somewhere In Time
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Brave New World (Picture Disc)
Edward The Great (Picture Disc)
Dance Of Death (Picture Disc)

Lp Singles:
The Trooper (Maxi)
Aces High (Maxi Japanese)
Be Quick Or Be Dead (Maxi)
The Number Of The Beast (Picture Disc)

Rock In Rio
Visons Of The Beast
Paul Di'Anno's Beast In The East
Dance Of Death (Dvd Audio)
The Early Days: Part One

Dortmund 83: Recorded from Norwegian Broadcast show...NRK.
Also with Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest,Scorpions..

The Number Of The Beast
Dance Of Death/Rainmaker

Official Iron Maiden Calendar 2004

The Clansman

Iron Maiden Clothes:
Killers: Give Me Ed 'Till I'm Dead European Tour (shirt)
The Number Of the Beast (shirt)
Piece of mind (shirt)
Brave new world (shirt)
No Prayer For Dying (shirt)
Visions Of The Beast Give Me Ed 'Till I'm Dead European Tour (hoodie)
Iron Maiden (cap)


Ancient Mariner
Around 140 I think.

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Collectible stuff (no albums):

-5 CD Singles (The Wicker Man, RTTH, Wildest Dreams, Rainmaker, NOTB)
-1 7" Single (Original RTTH)
-2 DVD Signles (Wildest Dreams, Rainmaker)
-2 "First Ten Years" CDs (Wasted Years, Can I Play With Madness)
-No More Lies EP
-2 12" EPs (German Women In Uniform, Maiden Japan)
-1 Poster (BNW)
-1 Flag (DoD)
-4 T-Shirts (Killers (White), Killers (Black), Fear Of The Dark and a pirated Out Of The Silent Planet one)
-3 DVDs (RiR, VOTB, TED)

I think that's it.


I have about 25/30 items, it depends on what you call an item.
I would say that the most impressive collection I have heard of is [a href=\'\' target=\'_blank\']this[/a]. I am not a serious collector though as I would rather spend my money on other bands.

Big G

i'm a maiden collector, through and through, its sad, iv'e got all the 7"singles, 12" singles including pic discs, cd singles, albums in each format, imports, bootlegs,video's dvd's, i'm getting boring now...............


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I have over 80 items. It includes every CD release of all albums and singles in the UK; a couple of bootlegs; all the DVD's (audio and video); a patch and a badge; a couple of Video cassettes and some vinyl.


47 cd"s including all there studio releases,live releases,box sets,and bootlegs


Sad to say, my collection is less than 30 things...2 shirts, some studio albums, Visions Of the Beast, Rock IN Rio...but I have almost 100 pictures in MyPictures!  :D

At least 15 of them are either H, Murray, or both!  :wub:
I have 3 Maiden albums; 2 studio albums (Brave New World, A Matter of Life and Death) and 1 compilation album (Edward the Great)


Oh, this thread still exists? Then I might as well post an update on my collection.

-All Studio and Live Albums on CD (Plus Iron Maiden on LP)
-All DVDs except Raising Hell
-The First Ten Years CDs and VHS
-Live After Death, Twelve Wasted Years, Maiden England and Live At Donington VHS
-Best Of The Beast 2 CD edition
-Ed Hunter
-All CD Singles except The Clairvoyant, Infinite Dreams, Wasting Love, Fear Of The Dark Live and Futureal; also lacking some parts of other singles (e.g The Angel And The Gambler Part II)
-All DVD Singles
-Women In Uniform, Live !! +One, Maiden Japan 12"
-Run To The Hills 7"
-Out Of The Silent Planet 7" Red Vinyl
-Eddie's Archive
-No More Lies EP
-Loads of Bootlegs (most on MP3), and various stuff (like a Dave Murray Wristband, An AMOLAD beer coaster and so on; not to mention posters and t-shirts)

Since I just got into it, why not post about the related stuff as well...

-All Bruce Dickinson Solo albums on CD (most as 2005 reissues, but I kept my hearted old CDs as well), including The Best Of (2 CD) and the Anthology DVD
-Samson, Head On, on LP
-ASAP, Silver And Gold album on LP
-All Blaze albums on CD
-Two Wolfsbane LPs (All Hell's Breaking Loose... and Live Fast, Die Fast) and one CD (Massive Noise EP)
-Trust, Savage on LP
-Killers, Live on CD
-Rock Aid Armenia LP

At least that's all I have physically (I think- could have missed something); some of the rarer stuff I downloaded at some point.