Maiden Collection

Evening all.

Just joined about an hour ago, and found this chat right up my street.

I ain't gonna list my collection, as I need sleep and have stuff so do tomorrow night

My question is, and I know not to go by eBay prices. How do we properly value our vinyl/cd/vas etc collections??? If I was to go with eBay estimates, I'm resigning from work Monday morning.
Popsike is good for vinyl. It uses past auctions to gauge the value of records. Discogs is good too but has been known to be somewhat inaccurate with various pressings. Ebay is not necessarily a bad place to look, just pay more attention to stuff that has sold, not what is currently on sale.
Thanks mosh.
I'll look into popsike and see what I can find.
My 1 real fear is my soundhouse tapes single, bought it a few years ago for £100, and still not 100% convinced it's an original. It's has the rock 1/Rock 2 markings, but very faint, some other I've seen pics of are a lot more prominent, it also has the piece of paper with the T shirt and pin badge prices.