Maiden At The O2 This August?


Now don’t shoot me down over this as I am only passing on what I have been told. A friend of mine works at the O2 Arena in London and he says Iron Maiden have provisionally booked 2 nights there for the first weekend in August!

He’s not sure yet if it is the Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun but they plan on announcing just one date at first but if tickets sell well then the 2nd will follow!

I have known him for years and have no reason to doubt him but as yet there doesn’t appear to have been any official announcement but how good will it be if its true!

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If it were true then it won't be Friday/Saturday as Sir John Holt & The Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra are playing on Friday 2nd August.


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^They've got it on the website now, August 3. Bruce said something along the lines of 'one show, maybe two' backing up what Hermod says about there being potentially two dates.

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Well I was wrong then.:lol:

I really want to go to this. I'm in Birmingham until early September and this is the perfect opportunity for me to go to London for the first time. However, hotel rooms in London are not cheap and I seriously doubt I'll have a place to stay (there may be a couple of potential leads that I'll try to follow if I have the chance). Spending the night wandering around Derby is one thing, but London might be a bit dodgy. The ticket won't be cheap either and the show will probably sell out before I can get a ticket. :(

It is Maiden though...


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I know. At this short notice, & with it being August, & with it being a Saturday --the chances are slim that I can get any time off. But, I should get a yes/no before the tickets go on sale on the 28th. Might be able to just get the Monday (after) off --if they add Sunday, that might work too! Fingers crossed...


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I honestly didn't see your "Good luck" post up there because I just scrolled down and looked at the last post. Maybe subconsciously from earlier though :eek: