Maiden Albums: Head to Head

Vote for your favourite song from each pair

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Ancient Mariner
Revelations winning from Wasted Years
Cross Eyed Mary winning from Reach Out
Sun and Steel winning from That Girl
Still Life winning from Stranger in a Strange Land
None of these results is as surprising to me as Alex over To Tame a Land. Everyone has their opinions. Some jokers even claim to like The Apparition!
First, thanks @mckindog for this thread, great game.

As for the results, well I think b-sides have had an important impact on some of them but unless we leave out songs on some albums and make a 8 song match (but then which songs should we leave out?) results will always be biased (along probably with the "I want this album to win so I'll vote against everything else" factor that might have been used here and there).

But oh well, at the end of the day, it's a game, a great one, lots of fun !